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Earlydays of busfanning...

During my childhood, buses and trains were my first love. My kindergarten school was close to a railway line - trains used to run close to my classroom. As I kid, I used to crawl out of the class to see trains going past. However, our family rarely traveled by train and almost all journeys to our hometown were by bus. My oldest memory of a bus is quite interesting - That was one Tata bus running on a city service in Coimbatore - I distinctly remember seeing the broken tail lamps as the bus ran away. I was fond of traveling sitting at the front seat - thankfully, my dad was always supporting of this craze and he would sit with me in the grueling heat. Those days, there were just of a couple of government run TATA buses in our area - one them, I remember, had round headlamps, and two destination boards above its windshield. The driver would let the bus switch off every time they bring it to a halt (may be to avoid the irritating vibration from the engine). Those buses had conventional

College life: then and now..

College life is the most happening time in ones' life. Having grown up in Mumbai and completed education in a technical institution, my college life was devoid of a lot of happenings . The strict internal assessment system often means that students of technical education are deprived of much of the fun that the regular college going joe does. My college life did not end after my education ended - but it just begun. My profession keeps me a student for life - I get to learn a lot of concepts that I had left as an option during my education. The question paper oriented learning process (I more often read the full syllabus than focusing on question papers) often deprives the student of an opportunity to learn lot of concepts. Teaching is a profession which demands the teacher to learn all the concepts - at least in brief if not in detail. So what difference do I have in my college life now.. Back during my graduation days, I had the option of taking leaves at will. Reaching

Shama BigBus: Bangalore to Thrissur

This journey was planned almost a month ago – I was to get three continuous days off for the first time after I joined my new job, and I decided to make utmost use of it. To add the icing on my cake, a family function was decided to coincide with my ‘vacation’ as well. Tickets for both the directions were booked through my friend. The tickets were booked both ways by Shama Transports buses. Eventually, I had to cancel my return ticket since some members from our extended family were returning by car, and I was invited to join them.  Fast forward by about two weeks – It was a Sunday, and I was roaming around Madiwala post noon. My friend had joined me, and we were talking about almost everything under the sky. During the course, I met a few people from Kallada G4 – they knew me through this blog and recognised me as soon I said my name (that was really an award for me).   What followed was something undreamt of. On the day of my journey, Kallada G4 were taking delivery of a pai

Thrissur to Bangalore in a brand new Shama BigBus

The return ticket for my unplanned journey to my hometown was booked over phone through a contact. The ticket was for Shama’s Pathanamthitta-Bangalore service. In the few days before my journey, I was busy finding out which bus would I be travelling in. I found out that it would be a bus that I had travelled earlier in – I was a bit disappointed.  August 06, 2012: It was one heck of a day. I was busy throughout, and time was running out quickly. I reached home only around 1900hrs, and had to leave by 2000hrs to make it to Thrissur on time for my bus. I left home a while past 2000hrs, and my brother dropped me at Thrissur. I headed straight to the travel agent, and paid the money for my ticket. I had the choice of selecting a seat – and I took a window seat on the first row. Just a while after getting my ticket, my contact called me and informed that I would be getting a brand new bus! I certainly was excited.  Shama Transport is a Bangalore based operator, operating only t

G4 again! Kallada G4 to Thrissur

It all started while talking to mom on phone. I had already booked tickets for a journey to my home town in the mid of August (after Independence Day). The phone conversation ended up in me searching for another ticket for the first week of August. Since I was looking for a Saturday, almost every operator had enough tickets – I had enough choices this time. I decided to take Kallada G4 this time. A quick calculation revealed that I would be getting the Yellow bus – I had travelled in their red bus earlier. Selecting a bus for the return trip was easy – just called up a contact and he got my return ticket blocked (more on that later).  I was looking at booking the outward ticket online. Only the last row seats were shown available on the website – I doubt if anybody would take the last row seat by choice. I checked some other dates, and found that only 7 seats were normally opened for online booking – that is the last row, and two other seats somewhere around the middle of the b

What is "Kallada G4"?

I have often received questions on my photos asking what is the difference between "Kallada" and "Kallada G4". Both are travel operators operating from Bangalore to Kerala, and belong to the same family. Out of curiosity, I managed to dig out some information from some connected people, which gave me a lot of information. So thought of sharing it with all.. The Kallada Group was founded in 1975 by Kallada Ramakrishnan. Mr. Ramakrishnan has 5 sons. Kallada Group was split into two after the death of Kallada Ramakrishnan in 2003. One of the five brothers, one brother, Mr. Suresh Kallada, started his own travels business, while the other four brothers established themselves in other fields. "Kallada Tours and Travels" operated by Suresh Kallada established themselves in the business - they have very good presence in all routes running out of Bangalore to Kerala (mainly south Kerala). The Kallada Group (run by the 4 brothers) established themselves i

Kallada: Kodungallur to Bangalore

About two months after my last visit to Kerala, I was itching to go back home and enjoy the typical Kerala monsoons. The sound of rain that I hear everytime I call up home increased my urge to visit home.   My office gives an off every third Saturday. I decided to take a day off on Monday and make it a three day vacation. Since I was returning on a Monday night, I went slowly about booking my tickets. Made some enquiries around, and found out that Kallada’s Kodungallur-Bangalore B9R would be the safest bet for reaching Bangalore before 6 AM. Accordingly, booked a ticket on that service, departing on Monday, July 23, 2012 from Kodungallur – and I got seat #D1. The bus was having fairly good loads by then. My journey from Bangalore to home was by car. Monday, July 23, 2012. 1730hrs: I was hurrying from home to reach Kallada’s agent in Kodungallur in time for my bus. I was a bit shocked on not seeing the bus at their regular parking place. I reached the agent at around 1740hrs. H