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An 8 hour ride by boat: From Kollam to Alappuzha


On Shama B9R, to Thrissur..

An urgent need to head home popped up sometime in the end of April. I was to travel on a Saturday evening, and quickly blocked a seat. However, at the last moment, the trip was postponed by a week. This time around, did not have much confusions about which operator to take - I had zeroed in on Shama, since its been almost a year since I last traveled by them. I headed straight to the Shama office on Sunday - our Manoj was sitting there, half asleep and rest smiling. He blocked a seat on the right side of the bus for me. I did not pay for the ticket then.

Fast forward to July 05, 2013:
It was a slightly busy day in office - it was our Chairman's birthday and we had some work related to that in office. Luckily, I could leave office on time, and reached home by 6pm. I left home by around 2015hrs (for a 2200hrs departure) - luckily managed to get an auto soon. The auto driver took some interior routes and avoided a good portion of traffic, and dropped me at Madiwala by around 2045hrs…