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To Panvel after long...

It has been a very long time since I went to Panvel station. My last journey was way back on July 07, when I had arrived there from Kerala. I was waiting for an opportunity for pretty long time now! The opportunity came in the form of Abhijit Lokre of IRFCA, Ahmedabad! He had come down to meet his parents who reside at Panvel. We decided to meet at Panvel. I reached the station at around 1815. I missed the Roha-Diva Passenger somewhere, and couldn't see that train! We walked around the station, and chatted for some time. The freight traffic was on the higher side. One North bound container train left soon after I arrived. Twin Kalyan WDM2s (lead by #18336) went out of the station to reverse and take charge of a JNPT bound Container train! While we were waiting at the station, WCAG1 #21974 pulled in from JNPT with a container train (Seen in the image above). The rake stopped on Platform 2. Mean while, WDG3A #13066 of Kalyan pulled in with a BTPN rake from ROHA side. The loco rev

26/7: Some memories...

The memories of the Deluge that Marooned Mumbai - The financial capital of India - for about 2 weeks is still fresh in the minds of most "mumbaikars"! This fateful day happened on 26-July-2005 when it rained about 944 mm. This is the maximum rainfall recieved at one place on a single day in Asia. Thus Mumbai set a "One Day International" Record! On the fateful day, my friends and myself were sitting in the college library near a window. We were enjoying the cool breeze and the non-stop rainfall which hadn't stopped since morning. One of my friends suggested that we should go home while the remaining of us (we were 4 in all) protested! We had a practical that noon and I did not want to miss it. Just minutes after the practical started, the lab had water all around. (No! That was not a flood but the windows were leaking! We were on the second floor). Our teacher wasn't ready to let us go! Finally after "rounds" of talks and protests, we were finally

A very special Sunday...Part 2

[Continued from Part 1 posted yesterday] The station got alerted that the train left Kherwadi. We slowly moved out towards the railway line. Pradeep was busy bidding his final byes to the station staff, while Abhishek was already at the platform. The station has a "rail level" platform. The loco was visible at a distance, and she was a WAM4. The train came closer, and slowly pulled into the loop line. I was standing on the main line, and decided to board the train from the traffic side itself. The loco was WAM4 #21331 of Bhusawal... The train stopped. The coaches were heavily packed, and myself and Pradeep were trying to find a coach into which we could atleast jump in! We managed to get into the 4th coach from the loco. The doorways were crowded with people and luggage! The train pulled out at around 1410. We got a place to stand between the toilets! (The space which normally connects to the vestibule!). Our coach was an SLR. We stood in that awkward place till we reache

A very special Sunday...Part 1

July 22, 2007 was a very special Sunday to me. The excitement began on July 19, 2007 when I read a mail about a railfanning trip to Odha! Getting "regulatory" approvals (read "nod from parents") was not very easy! After persuasions, I got an "all clear" from home. I hardly slept the previous night. I was up and running by 0450 itself on the day. I left my home at 0540, and reached Vashi at 0550. I was to catch the 0555 EMU to thane. I rushed to the station. The EMU was no where to be seen! The indicators were still showing that the EMU would come soon. Finally, the fellow showed up at 0605. The train left at 0610, about 15 minutes late. The motorman was driving swiftly, and all halts were reduced to a mere pause! The crowd was "okay" throughout the journey. We approached Thane outer at 0631. The Nagpur-Mumbai Vidarbha express was crawling towards Platform 7. The loco in charge was WCAM3 #21936. I walked down to Platform 5. The coach indicators

Killing time on a Saturday...

This posts comes exactly a week after my previous post! Sorry guys, BUT I really did not have anything to post about! Now, here comes a post about a "timepass" event at Thane... After sitting at home for a week with really nothing to do, i decided to spend some time at Thane photographing trains. The sky was cloudy, and It was raining on and off (but never heavily!). I reached Thane at around 0915. I went to the ticket counter to get ticket to spend my time ahead. Just as I walked out of the ticket counter, I saw the Sinhagad Express rushing past with a WCG2 in charge. I walked over straight to Platform 7. The PA system was blaring out about some "engineering block" at Kasara Station (some Kasara EMUs were to be terminated at Khardi itself, and some express trains were provided a halt at Khardi and Kasara for the benefit of passengers!) , and about the impending arrival of Koyna Express towards Kolhapur. A Manual announcement was made about the coach position of

Thane: Yet again...

The Thane bug seems to have bitten me very hard! The first time I went to thane in my life was in 1999 (April). In 2003, Thane became my "everyday" destination. The station was an alien world for me atleast till 2006. I explored the station in whole sometime during 2006, and found convenient locations for railfanning there. It is now time to bid adieu to the small, busy and dirty station! I snapped my relation with thane a few days back with me finishing my graduation. Here is yet another railfanning report from Thane. (some more would come in the days ahead - sorry for that!) I reached thane at around 0945. The Kolhapur bound Koyna Express pulled in behind an unknown WCG2. I was then busy negotiating a "traffic" jam on the FOB, and I was pushed, pulled and squeezed by the crowd. I really has a tough time securing my personal belongings! I went to college for some official work shortly after that, and returned to the station at 1200. The Netravati Express was pul

In celebration....

Platform 7 blog is turning 1 year "young" today! This blog was initiated by me exactly a year ago on July 12, 2006. Today this blog is going strong with 229 posts made till date. Surprisingly, out of these 122 posts were made during the period from July 12, 2006 till December 31, 2006. The next 107 posts were made during the period from January 01, 2007 till today. Hopefully your support continues, and this blog celebrate many more anniversaries like this!

Railfanning at Ernakulam

I was in constant touch with Jimmy right through the day on Saturday - June 30. On July 01, Bharat Moro, IRFCA, contacted me in the morning, and conveyed that he would be in Ernakulam. I decided to join him for a railfanning, and Jimmy would join us around 1530. I took a KSRTC bus from my place to Ernakulam. The bus journey was comfortable, except the fact that the bus had a flat tyre at Kaloor (about 3-4 before my intended destination!). I finally made it to the hotel where Bharat was put up by around 1415. We proceeded to Ernakulam Junction station at around 1500. We purchased platform tickets, and decided to explore the station. A twin WDM2 of Ernakulam (one of them was #17474) was parked at the VIP siding of the station. We checked out the station, and saw a WAP4 on Platform 3. That was WAP4 #22666 of Erode coupled to a Kayamkulam passenger (I couldn't find this train in the timetable - but found another train which goes as Alappuzha passenger, and then becomes Kollam passenger

KSRTC: Yet again...

Regular readers would remember reading an article about Kerala SRTC buses a few months back. (For others: Click here ). The buses always have a charm, and traveling on them is an experience. Only a Keralite who stays outside Kerala knows the charm of these buses! This journey to Kerala was no different, and surely had its own dose of KSRTC journeys! A couple of journeys were on July 01, and then another coupled of them on July 04. My journey on July 4 is a personal favorite for different reasons. The main among them was that I could travel on a bus that I wanted to, and that too on my birthday! Myself and my dad had gone to Ernakulam for some work. We had some job at Tripunithura. After finishing the job, we visited my uncle at Edapalli. We then went to Ernakulam Jetty Bus station to take a bus to our destination - Kodungallur. Just as we entered the bus station, a bus bound to Kodungallur was already waiting. All the seats were taken, and the bus was damn run down. She was from Par

A day of the Squads...

I had some Urgent job at my college, and I set out in the morning. I took the 0805 Thane EMU from Vashi. That was a new rake, and the windows did not have the protective mesh! It was fun traveling on the EMU. Just as the train pulled into Koparkhairane, a squad of atleast 15 Ticket Checkers, and an equal number of RPF personnel pranced on to all passengers who got down at the station. Atleast 10 ticketless passengers were caught from my coach alone at the station. They were taken to the SM's office. A set of about 5 Checkers got into my coach and started checking. They got another 5 offenders standing at the door, and an equal number sitting inside! Out of the 10, 1 preferred to pay up the fine (Which was Rs. 260). The others were detrained at Ghansoli, and handed over to RPF! The checking continued till Thane. I reached Thane at around 0830, and immediately went to my college. I reached the station back at 1140. I had to got to the University for some work, and wanted to reach th

Monsoon Special: Photos uploaded...

The photographs taken during "Monsoon Special" have been uploaded. The travelogue would come up in a few days from now. So stay tuned for the travelogues. The images are here . There are about 112 images in the album...

Monsoon Special: Final update

Sorry!!! There was some problem with my mobile phone, and the updates that I had sent here didn't appear! Anyway, the trip is over and here goes the updates:: We (I and my Dad) left Mumbai on 29 June on board 2618 Mangala Express bound for Ernakulam. The train left Panvel at 1012 (Against Scheduled departure time of 0935). The run was normal upto Mangaon. The train was "regulated" at many stations due to flooding of tracks in the Chiplun-Ratnagiri Section of KR. We were regulated at Mangaon for 1 hour and 26 minutes (from 1204 till 1330), at Veer for 1 hour and 11 minutes (1350 to 1501), at Khed for 47 minutes (1602 to 1649), at Chiplun for 47 minutes (1720 to 1807) and at Kamathe for 36 minutes (1831 to 1907). As a result, we reached Trichur only at 1545 (Against Scheduled time of 1045), with a delay of exactly 5 hours! The loco was WDM2 #16565 of Ernakulam, and my coach was WGACCN 00148 (AS2). I had a short railfanning (1400-1800 hrs) with Bharat Moro and Jimmy jose a