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Local trains.. a Chennai experience

Warning: This post is NOT related to any current issue. I was just itching to write a post, and was searching for a topic, when I remembered this topic - a topic that I had planned to write on a long time back. The ubiquitous local trains of Mumbai were once a part and parcel of my life. The last year of graduation (2006-2007) made me fall in love with the sweet sounding DC EMUs of Mumbai, and those F1 like sounding AC-DC BHEL EMUs (not to forget the shwoosh sound that the suspension makes). I've been missing those trains even since I moved to Bangalore (2008). Local trains are an unheard of thing in Bangalore or in Kerala. The only form of local train in Bangalore is a lone MEMU. I moved to Kerala in 2009 - I haven't seen a local train since then. (Except some short trips on a brief visit to Mumbai). The iconic EMUs of Mumbai.. I am missing those rugged beasts... The locals in Chennai are a different breed altogether. They run on AC (as compared to DC, during my days i