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Ernakulam to Bengaluru: KSRTC Garuda King Class Volvo B9R

Travelling without a return ticket is getting a very bad regular misadventure for me. This trip was no different. I had a plethora of options to choose from for my return trip - but like my outbound, convenience took precedence. Kerala State RTC's Volvo B9R aka  Garuda King Class gave a very big convenience that it would drop me near my home - rather just  6 kms away from home, at Peenya Satellite bus station. I booked my ticket about a week before travel - and I was quite shocked that they were charging end-to-end fares for the bus, and almost half the bus was already sold out. I picked up a seat in the rear half of the bus, and, quite interestingly, booked an end-to-end ticket. I planned to change my boarding point to Thrissur, if needed on the day of my journey. October 21, 2017: Towards noon on my day of journey, I decided to board the bus at Ernakulam itself. Leaving home after a long stay is surely a heart-wrenching moment. I hate waiting for the bus at Thrissur - the bus

Trivandrum to Ernakulam: by KSRTC's Garuda Maharaja

I hadn't realised that I was stuck in Trivandrum, until I saw the crowd at the bus station! I hadn't really realised that I was traveling a day before a long long weekend - a Second Saturday, Sunday, followed by Kerala's "national" festival aka Hartal  on Monday, an opportunity to 'fall sick' on Tuesday and Diwali holiday on Wednesday! Essentially a five day, extended weekend! Buses were sold out, while the unreserved ones had people ready to pounce the moment the door opened! I had no option but to stay over that night, and try my luck with early morning buses. Intuitively, I headed to the reservation website and found that the Scania bus to Coimbatore, leaving Trivandrum at 0400hrs, had 7 seats available - the last two rows! I grabbed one of them quickly - seat #41 was chosen. October 14, 2017: My phone woke me up at an unearthly 0245hrs! I remained groggy for a while, before darting out of my bed and getting ready. I checked out of the hotel at 0315

Bengaluru to Thrissur: KSRTC Garuda King Class Volvo B9R - a repeat!

Call it coincidence, call it a repeat - I was all set to head home for a vacation, and I booked on the Bangalore-Ernakulam Volvo service of Kerala RTC once again! And like the last time, it was convenience that weighed over anything else. I had to delay my booking until the last minute, since I was really not sure if I'd be able to travel. My journey was confirmed only by around 1700hrs - I logged on to the website to see most forward half seats occupied. I quickly selected one in the rear half - #29 it was. October 09, 2017: Since it was vacation time, my colleague was also traveling to the bus station. So we decided to share a cab - the Ola cab came in about 5 minutes from booking - the guy got us to the satellite bus station in Peenya by about 1755hrs. While I was in the cab, I received a call from the bus conductor to confirm if I was boarding from Peenya itself - this was important since Peenya happens to be the default boarding point, and a lot of passengers forget to cha

Bangalore to Thrissur: Garuda King Class Volvo of KSRTC

This was a pre-vacation  trip home. I hadn't planned this trip, until a few weeks before I actually travelled. I was to return from home with my brother - and hence, I only had to take care of one way reservations. My travel was coinciding with a four day long weekend in Bengaluru - which means, every migrant in the city travels out. I decided to leave a few days earlier, using the compensatory offs I had accumulated at work. Leaving a couple of days earlier meant I was traveling on a weekday , and I had plenty of options to choose from. A slightly expensive but convenient Kerala State RTC Volvo or a cheaper Karnataka State RTC Scania! I chose the former since it starts from a bus station very close to my residence, and I am saved of all the inconvenience of having to travel to Shantinagar.  September 26, 2017:   After a tiring day at work, I hurried with my dinner  - at 5pm! I hired an ola cab a little past 1715hrs, and rushed to Basaveshwara Bus Station  - the satellite bus