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JetKonnect... er! Jet Airways B737: Chennai to Bengaluru

After pocketing a cheap ticket from Hyderabad to Chennai on Indigo, I was on the lookout for fares for Chennai to Bengaluru. I briefly romanced the idea of taking a bus, but then decided to fly. The cheapest rates were being offered by Air India and Jet Airways - AI was ruled out since it was too early. So the choice was Jet - there were two flights at "late morning" - I did not want to take an early flight, since I wanted to sleep a bit. Among the two late morning flights, one was an ATR and the other a Boeing 737-700 - both sold at the same price. It was a no-brainer decision to opt for the B737 - its been long years since I flew in a B737-700. January 26, 2015: Being Republic Day, I anticipated tighter security, and hence I started off earlier. I was at the airport by around 0650hrs. This was my first visit to Chennai airport (discounting my inbound flight the previous night) - the airport had the typical Airport Authority of India design - full of glass and ACPs. Th

IndiGo A320: Hyderabad to Chennai

It was quite a task searching for tickets for my return journey from Hyderabad after the Annual Pharmacists' Gathering - the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress. I had a ticket by a late night train from Hyderabad - but I wasn't very keen on making that train journey. I had the option between buses and trains, but being a long weekend, buses were quite expensive. I looked at flights, but the direct ones were selling at high fares - I wasn't very convinced about paying such amounts for an hour long flight. For a moment, I looked at fares via Chennai, and the total fare that way worked to less than half of what I'd have to pay for a direct flight! I quickly checked accomodation options in Chennai, and found one that was cheap, with free airport transfers. The booking was made separately, and finally got a HYD-MAA ticket on Indigo, and MAA-BLR on Jet Airways. January 25, 2015: I limped out of my hotel room in Madhapur - a mid-foot sprain had left me limping since the past t