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Kochi to BLR on AirAsia.. again!

The hunt for weekend tickets was running hot on my laptop. Almost all the flights for the date I wanted were selling at fairly high prices - but there were sufficient low cost tickets for the next day (i.e., Monday). It was then that an idea flashed - I had enough leaves left, and I could afford to take half-a-day off, fly a morning flight to Bangalore and head straight to office from the airport. I decided to do that - and started looking at the morning options. There were four flights - one each by Jet Airways, Indigo, Air Asia and SpiceJet (in the order of departure). I decided to pick the cheapest - and Air Asia it was! Things went normally after the booking, till my Sis-in-law booked on the same flight (for a different date) - she got a message saying her flight was rescheduled and would leave only an hour later - later, the flight got cancelled as well. The punctuality of this particular flight wasn't looking great whenever I checked its stats. A couple of days before my j

BLR to COK by 9W ATR once more....

Sometime towards the end of October. I was busy browsing travel websites in the hunt for air-tickets - Flying to Kochi from Bangalore meant a lot of time savings for me, and this was getting on me. Tickets for a Friday flight in November showed up for somewhere around 2.4K on a ticketing portal - and the portal was offering a cashback coupon for bookings using credit cards issued by an particular bank. I thought of checking out how much does the cashback work out to, and hit the book button - the website turned up the " Please wait while we reconfirm the fares and availability " message. The next page sprung up a surprise for me - the message there read, " The fare for your booking has been reduced ". And, I got a ticket for Rs. 899! Date of Journey: November 14, 2014 Flight No: 9W-2655 || Seat : 15A Aircraft type : ATR 72-500 || Regn:  VT-JCN STD : 1710hrs, ATD : 1652hrs STA : 1840hrs, ATA : 1811hrs I left office a bit late - It was already 3pm by the tim

COK to BLR: 9W ATR again!

The price at which I got the round-trip ticket continued to be the talk of the town (pun intended) as I attended a marriage in Kerala. I was back home by afternoon. Irrespective of the number of days I spend at home, I invariable have a heavy heart when the time to return comes. This time, I wasn't keeping really well, and I wasn't even able to have good food. Date of Journey: November 09, 2014 Flight No: 9W-2614 || Aircraft: VT-JCM || Seat: 15A STD: 2225hrs, ATD: 2207hrs STA: 2350hrs, ATA: 2328hrs I had a very early dinner, and walked out of home in the midst of a power failure, at around 1915hrs - it was quite dark as I walked towards the bus stop. It dawned on me that it was a Sunday only after waiting at the bus stop for close to 15 minutes to get a bus to the nearest town. I got a bus by sheer chance of luck - all thanks to two bus crew who were standing there - the guy literally stood on the road as he waved at the bus driver to stop. I reached Kodungallur somet

On the 9W ATR: BLR to COK

At the height of the Diwali air war  - almost every airline had dropped one way fares to a light Rs. 899. One airlines' site crashed minutes after the offer went live, and when it came back, seats were gone! I did most of my searching on a third-party ticketing website, and won  a one way ticket for Rs. 899 (turned to over a thousand adding the website's processing fee as well). One website had an interesting offer for round-trip bookings using their app. I decided to play around with the app a bit, and search tickets for a trip that I was just contemplating. The app threw me a round trip ticket for Rs. 1798 - I played around a bit more, added a coupon code and the final fare (for the round trip) dropped to a jawdropping Rs. 1332! It took me some time to understand that I wasn't dreaming - in a couple of minutes I had a round-trip PNR generated on Jet Airways, for a service operated by Jet Konnect at a fare I've only heard in the Air Deccan days! As the day of my jou

Ithihasa - a laugh riot with an interesting plot

Ithihasa - the title might be a bit misleasing. Its not a period movie, nor does it talk anything about history. The movie starts off with a flash back set in the 17th century - depicting a war sequence between two kingdoms. The titles roll and the movie jumps forward to the present. They open the movie showing a police jeep arriving at a shady residential complex in Kochi. Sunil Sukhada essays the role of a police sub-inspector who gets a comical build up. Then comes the build up for the hero - lots of close shots and slow motions are thrown in to introduce the hero. The intro scene builds up the hero and throws in an anti-climax as well. Alvi ( Shine Tom Chacko) is a pick-pocket and a small time thief who leads a lavish life with his side-kick and friend , Vikku ( Balu Varghese).   Theatrical poster - image from the internet. The hero's go-getter attitude is established in the following scene as he easily escapes from a case with adequate proof. The heroine - Janaki pla

First on AirAsia! I5 Airbus320 from COK to BLR

The long diwali weekend. Most buses were already sold out - and the ones remaining had hefty fares. I turned to travel website for checking airfares. The airfares for that Sunday was quite high, but a late night flight of a famous airline on Saturday was available for cheap rates. Yes! I am talking of the world's leading Low-Cost Carrier - Air Asia! The tag line "Now Everyone Can Fly" impressed me, as I switched to the AirAsia website. Air Asia has a single website for all their operations. Tickets were available on their website for Rs.990 - the only catch being it was a late night flight. Since the next day was a Sunday, I decided to fly with Air Asia. I was quite excited in getting an airticket for just around a thousand rupees, and was infact enjoying my countdown to the journey. October 25, 2014: The journey was shaky as the day began - certain other domestic reasons were compelling me to put off the trip and travel by road instead. Sometime around evening, my jo