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Road Rules: Tips for Driving in Kerala!

Following the confounding success of my earlier post about traffic rules in Bangalore (read the post here ), here is a write up about traffic rules in Kerala. (Surprisingly, I found people across the state following the same rule, unlike other states where rules change for each city - Kerala truly rocks!!!). Before you get on to the road, you need to understand the following facts: Kerala is among those states across the world with the leading rate of accidents. Kerala has the maximum number of F1 racing champs - due to paucity of vacancies, they are now employed as Private bus drivers. There are over 15000 private buses on the road in the state. Although not as competent as private bus drivers, we have over 5000 KSRTC buses handled by a similarly trained set of drivers. Kerala is one state that takes overtakes through the left very seriously - I have witnessed cops penalising drivers for overtaking through the left on the highway - so overtakes on the left are at your own risk. Keral


The grand event of the millennium - the longest Solar Eclipse, not expected to be overtaken until 3043 - happened today. Solar Eclipse in a phenomenon that occurs when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth so that the Sun is fully or partially covered. This can only happen during a new moon, when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction as seen from the Earth. At least two and up to five solar eclipses can occur each year on Earth, with between zero and two of them being total eclipses. The last Solar Eclipse that I remember seeing was more than decade ago - perhaps in the early 90s, during my schooling days. Being from a semi-conservative background, and staying in a very conservative society, I still recollect that day - it was a holiday, and I remember seeing the sun using a couple of X-Ray films for protection. Between the mentioned period and today, quite a lot of eclipses have taken place - but not a single one that I could witness. Today was a very great day in life - Radi

Fly-by-road in a Sleeper coach!

It has always been a long-standing dream to travel by a sleeper bus. For once, I avoid traveling by Sleeper class in trains, just for the condition of the coaches these days. Sleeper bus always evokes mixed response among passengers - some love them, while some others throw-up at the very thought. Every time I planned of a journey by bus, Sleeper buses were never an option - they either did not operate on the route I wanted, or they offered only non-ac variants. The only AC Sleeper service does not drop me inside Thrissur, but only at the By-pass. Traveling from the by-pass to the bus station is a nightmare, and is best avoided unless essential. Cut short the crap: While searching tickets for my trip to Bangalore, I came across this new class of service on the Karnataka SRTC website - "Corona AC Sleeper". I almost jumped up in joy on seeing this. However, I had to ditch the sleeper halfheartedly to travel with my classmates in a normal bus (a Volvo, albeit). After my classm

A quick trip to Bengalooru...

The New Year brought an interesting brochure to the college - a training programme at National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Bangalore. I had been wanting to head to Bangalore (er! Bengalooru) for long now - and this programme was the right chance. The registration process was a bit chaotic and misinformed. The initial glitches meant the number of classmates attending the programme nose-dived from a mighty 8 (not including me) to 1 (not including me). The ticketing process too was chaotic, and I finally ended up traveling alone. The initial glitches notwithstanding, I was looking forward to have a good time traveling and an equally good time at the training programme. The day of my journey came in pretty quick - to be very precise, the journey was on January 07, 2010; Thursday. Private buses were striking on the day (the strike was withdrawn than evening), and traveling to Thrissur from my home was shroud in thick cloud (oh! I just forgot this - I was boarding my bus t