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Oh NO! Not again...

I keep forgetting about this blog pretty often these days. The days after the first week of march was damn tiring, and I ended up sitting in office upto 5pm on most days, and working 16 hours at a stretch on two days! Its now cool at office with most of this month's work done, and waiting for the work for the next month! In between, I had been on a trip to Kerala (from March 19 to March 24). Details of this trip will be put up very soon. Sometime this week, I got transferred from my original team to a totally new team - It is now a challenge to get mixed up with the new team, and to get things sorted out there. It is a pretty new team, with many members yet to work "live" with the production team. I hope it really is a challenge, and am looking forward for the grueling days when the entire volume supposed for a month comes calling! Hopefully I have enough time to keep this blog updated these days.... BTW, my office timings have now changed from 0700-1500 to 1500-2300.

Railfanning on the NE line

As I had described earlier, the Lines in Mumbai division, ahead of Kalyan, is classified into "North Eastern" (NE) and "South Eastern" (SE). The NE line is from Kalyan to Igatpuri, and the SE line is from Kalyan to Lonavla. SE line has been explored quite a bit, and we decided to do justice to the NE line this time. It was a program decided at short notice - On Saturday afternoon to be precise, that Arzan, Babloo (Rajendra) and I would head towards Atgaon on the NE line. Atgaon (ATG) is about 95 kilometres from Mumbai CST, and is located between Asangaon and Khardi stations on the Kalyan-Kasara segment. The station is located under AC wires, and the section is cleared for 105 kmph (there exists a PSR on the UP line from the ATG Home signal till the starter, and the SR is at 85 kmph). The station has one island platform, with two loops lines used for departmental reasons only. The station has no book/snack stalls. The Mumbai - Agra National Highway (#3) runs parall

Eventless days...

It was all event less days these days... It was all about rushing to office in the morning, and returning back home tired... As if a routine, I was late on all days, leaving home only by 0645, and then rushing down t office to reach there by 0700-0705. It was like a routine that I never returned from office before 4 pm. Though my shift ends at 1500, some work or the other used to keep me at office atleast till 1600 (On one day it went upto 1800!). The only railfanning all these days were seeing a Kalyan WDM2 (#18068) dozing off at Turbhe (APMC Yard). The loco is assigned for shunting duties at the yard. #18068 used to be a star loco of Kalyan, and she was a regular with holiday specials all the time! Today she dons a "brown" livery marking her as "de-rated" for shunting duties only! An Original ALCO, she has already outlived her life! There has been good container traffic these days to APMC. There were two rakes yesterday at APMC. One was ready to depart with a WC

300....and still counting!

This blog is finally 300 posts young! What you are reading now is the 300 th post of this blog... Thank you for letting me reach this milestone - though it did take close to a year and a half to reach here - it definitely is an achievement!