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First ride on Kochi's Volvos!

In December 2009, Kochi (Ernakulam, Kerala) joined the ranks of those cities that have Volvo city buses. Seven buses were brought on to the road by the state-owned Kerala State Road Transport Corporation. These buses were funded by the JNNURM - a total of 50 such buses would hit the roads. Volvo buses had always been a fascination for me - i enjoyed rides in them during my One year stint in Bangalore (a city which boasts to be the first in the country to introduce Volvos, and now holds a record for the highest number of them on road). I was excited and overjoyed when I saw them on roads in Kochi - afterall, the commercial hub of Kerala was getting its due. Similar buses were introduced in Trivandrum (The capital city of Kerala) approximately a month before Kochi got them. However, Kochi's buses return more money to the corporation than the eight orange-monsters in Trivandrum. I had to leave my car for servicing today, and thought this was the best opportunity to get into one of K