College life: then and now..

College life is the most happening time in ones' life. Having grown up in Mumbai and completed education in a technical institution, my college life was devoid of a lot of happenings. The strict internal assessment system often means that students of technical education are deprived of much of the fun that the regular college going joe does.

My college life did not end after my education ended - but it just begun. My profession keeps me a student for life - I get to learn a lot of concepts that I had left as an option during my education. The question paper oriented learning process (I more often read the full syllabus than focusing on question papers) often deprives the student of an opportunity to learn lot of concepts. Teaching is a profession which demands the teacher to learn all the concepts - at least in brief if not in detail.

So what difference do I have in my college life now..

Back during my graduation days, I had the option of taking leaves at will. Reaching late at the college never was an issue - there is no hard-and-fast time to get in (we did have a reporting time - which I used to adhere to, sincerely). But its all different now - getting a leave is a task, and its very important to clock in before the reporting time now!

I enjoyed holidays and vacations during graduation (and post-graduation) - now, I am in college even when there are no students! Of course, I do have my engagements in office, but the vacation is no more a vacation!

Earlier I had to worry only about my results - given my carefree nature, I hardly had apprehensions before an examination. Now, I worry about the results of all my students - its a satisfaction to see a student scoring good at exams. I now understand why our teachers pestered us to study harder.

I often fall down reading some answer scripts - I must admit, the current generation is a lot more creative that what people of my age were. I never knew how to write an answer if I did not know it properly - but the current generation has acquired that capability. I am sure my teachers would've had their share of humour reading my answer scripts.

There was an interesting thing today at college - most of the faculty members in our college were heading to another institute in our campus to attend an examination (skills improvement training). On our way, some students of our college crossed us - and jokingly asked us to write us only the answers we knew and giggled off wishing us all the best - ah! The very same dialogue teachers make mocking their students!

Teaching is indeed an interesting profession - you see your students achieving greater heights, even as you remain in your position. A teacher is one, whom you would never forget in life. I am enjoying my new job - have lots to do, but nothing to do :)