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Thrissur to Bangalore in the KSRTC Merc Benz

My return ticket was booked using the round trip discount on the KSRTC (Karnataka) website. At the time of booking (on December 29, 2012) – almost a month in advance, the 2131TRCBNG Airavat Club Class Volvo service was almost sold out – only a few last row seats remained. At the same time, the 1828EKMBNG Airavat Club Class Mercedes bus (2040hrs pickup at Thrissur) had lots of seats vacant! I am not a fan of the Merc tri-axle (all thanks to the window facing air vents) – but left with no choice, I booked this bus – Seat #5 was my choice. My journey to Thrissur by KaSRTC was almost disastrous, with the bus taking more than 10 hours for the 464kms journey. I did not have many expectations about the journey, but had only one prayer that the bus should reach in time for office. January 27, 2013 : There was a major risk of a big traffic snarl on the way to Thrissur, from my hometown (35kms away from Thrissur) – due to a temple festival. The traffic police had announced a diversio

KSRTC Airavat Club.. er Crawler... Class from Bangalore to Thrissur

During the end of December 2012, after the holiday list for 2013 reached me – I chanced about this weekend of January which had three continuous holidays. Since I saw this almost a month in advance, I decided to book both ways by KaSRTC – getting tickets during weekends is a dream on KaSRTC. By booking both ways, I managed to get a 10% discount, and got a round-trip ticket for a cool Rs. 1666! Private operators charge Rs. 1000-1150 one way. This round trip ticket was really cheap. I chose Shantinagar as the boarding point for my Bangalore-Thrissur journey – but later, I was wondering why did I choose the bus station – St. Johns would’ve been better. The KSRTC website allows modification of boarding point through the website upto preparation of chart. I thought I’d take the decision on the day of journey. January 24, 2013 : I had class till evening on that day – quite unusually. I had to rush out of office. Took the NICE road and reached home around 1815hrs. Quickly packed m

On Kallada B11R - Aluva to Bangalore

I was a quandary when it came to deciding the operator for my return journey from Kerala. I was heading to Trivandrum; from there would be coming home and then take a bus from there back to Bangalore. I was not sure if I would be able to ride the new B11R of Suresh Kallada on its maiden run, so decided to book the B11R for my return journey. I tried booking Thrissur to Bangalore, but the boarding point offered was only at Mannuthy (Thrissur bypass). I changed my plan, and decided to book ex-Aluva. I chose a seat towards the rear of the bus – seat #I1 it was. Booking was done online. January 20, 2013 : This was one very busy day – roamed around my hometown, and we went to some new tourist attractions in town, and later went for a movie in the afternoon! After all this, I had very little time in the evening. By the time I finished by dinner, it was past 2000hrs – and my bus would depart from Aluva at 2100hrs! My brother was at the wheels of our car – he did not speed up much

Gripe water... Bachha ro raha hai...

I could not resist making this post. My bro's newborn was crying incessantly for some time now. One dose of the most famous brand of Gripe water in India, and the kid is now playing joyously now. It was one simple case of griping pain in the stomach. Gripe water is a home remedy for minor gastrointestinal discomfort in children. During my days in college as an undergraduate student, we had prepared Gripe water as part of our Pharmaceutics practicals - I vividly remember the aroma of its ingredients. Gripe water is made mainly out of various aromatic oils - like Dill oil, fennel oil, etc. Purified water is used as the vehicle, and it also contains a sweetening agent and Sodium bicarbonate. Alchohol used to be used in earlier formulations, but has been removed now. Image taken from the Internet - copyrights rest with the actual copyright owner Gripe Water is actually a brand, owned by Woodwards. Wikipedia says : Gripe water was discovered accidentally by William Woodwa