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Weekend Trip: Thrissur - Bangalore on July 13, 2008

I started off early from home (around 1540) for a train leaving at 1820. I had to travel to Thrissur to get into my train. I left my home along with my dad, who was heading for some shopping, towards Kodungallur, the town nearest to my home. I got into a bus from there, which left the bus station at 1610. It was a limited stop bus headed to Thrissur. Bus fares had been increased just the previous day, and the conductor was confused at the fare that he had to charge, and passengers too as a token of dissatisfaction, handed over only currencies of higher values and demanded change from a tired looking conductor. He too dispensed change without much grumble. The ticket to Thrissur made my wallet lighter by Rs. 21. The 30-odd kilometre bus ride began at 1610. The driver was initially decent and drove at normal speeds (never went above 60kmph). This went on till Irinjalakuda, where we reached at 1640 and left after a customary 3 minute halt to pick up more passengers. The driver went berse

the bangalore power scene..

Bangalore probably has the worst power distribution system in India. The supply goes off often and is pretty erratic. The system is obviously unable to cope up with the burgeoning demand of the city, which seems to grow the same way as a tree - adding annual rings. The circumferance of the city is increasing each year. According to my experience, there would be atleast two hours without current each day. This number is now increasing each day. Some issues at the Raichur thermal power station has just worsened things. The supply company, BESCOM, recently declared that the city will have to bear at least an hour each day without electricity. The "atleast" part was inserted cleverly! The city goes without current for atleast 2-4 hours each day! To add fuel to the fire, the government is now bent upon giving free power to farmers! Dark days ahead for the city. The new government is in no mood to solve the miseries of the so called metropolitan city! An incident which just blew

Off to kerala once again . . .

The return journey has begun. Am on the 2683 bangalore express. The loco in charge is Arakkonam WAM4 #20671. The train left thrissur slightly behind schedule, but we reached Palakkad before time. We are now crawling out of palakkad, perfectly on time... More updates on the trip after i reach back at bangalore. Heading off to sleep soon.. Good night. :)

In kerala once again

I am finally in kerala. The bus was KA-01-F-8644. We left bangalore at 21:58, and reached thrissur at 06:45, doing the distance in an outstanding 8 hours and 47 minutes. It was an outstanding trip. The distance normally requires atleast 9 hours. The condition of roads are not very good, but the driver was awesome... More on this very soon...

Heading off to kerala once again...

Its time to go home again. Friday is one day when buses and trains go filled to its capacity. Today is no exception. I managed to get a ticket by sheer chance of luck, and that too in a karnataka state volvo. The bus is now just preparing to depart from the kempegowda bus station in bangalore. I did not notice the bus number, and that would come up tomorrow. More to come soon...