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Kakkadamboyil on Nilambur's mini Elephant... KSRTC Fans Trip; Part-2


July 26, 2014:

We trundled from the lodge to the KSRTC bus station. Water had puddled everywhere on the roadside - it had rained fairly heavily the previous night. The walk to the bus station took about 10 minutes - all of us were dead hungry as well. No tea shops were seen anywhere on the route. We walked into the KSRTC bus station at Nilambur by around 0630hrs - our bus was still about 15 minutes away. The rest of the gang was already at the bus station - there were 13 more members along. The three of us went berserk clicking buses at the depot - some of the buses had already left the depot, while the others were being woken up by their crew.

In the mean time, the I Love My KSRTC team-members were busy stickering a new destination board for our ride. The bus that would take us through the mesmerizing journey was RNC956, an Ashok Leyland Cheetah Short Wheelbase bus. The bus started off from the depot at around 0655 - about 10 minutes late. It was just the 16 of us in …

A ride to Nilambur - KSRTC Fans Trip; Part-1

One fine day while browsing through the umpteen posts that came on my Facebook wall, I came across a set of images describing a place as Malabar's Gavi (Gavi is a recently made famous tourist destination in Pathanamthitta district in South Kerala). The photos were quite inviting, and I did make some plans to explore the place - I kept it on my wish list. Some days later, planning for a KSRTC Fans trip was in full steam - the trip was to cover some tourist places in Malabar. I wanted to somehow include our Malabar Gavi in the trip - just like the patient wanted, this place was included in our itinerary.

July 25, 2014:
I and Jayadeep set out from my house in search of a KSRTC bus to Thrissur. The last bus had just ran away teasing us. I knew that there is one more bus a little later - so the endless wait for that bus started. As the clock ticked past 2015hrs, I got a bit anxious and we decided to take the last KSRTC bus of the day - that one is only till Irinjalakkuda, some 20kms sh…