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The longest City bus in Asia - the Volvo 7400XL

Volvo introduced its City buses in India way back in 2006. Ever since, Volvo has changed the way people travel in many cities across India. The revolution launched in Bangalore, soon spread to various other cities like Chennai, Mysore, Navi Mumbai, Kolkata, to name a few. Volvo made a revolution in the way Bangaloreans travel - the local transport provider, BMTC, kept adding more buses to its fleet every year, and has now reached an amazing figure of about 566 Volvo buses doing the run in the city - that is almost the city bus fleet size of an average Indian City! Sometime in December 2011, Volvo came out with its new products for India. One product caught my attention the most - the Volvo 7400XL City bus. This was a 14.5M long bus, with steerable axle. A 14.5 metre city bus? The longest bus currently on Indian roads are the Articulated buses (about 16M Length) - these buses struggle a lot on city roads. Even the 12M long buses struggle a lot on city roads - even in cities like Bang