Bengaluru to Chitradurga: KSRTC Volvo B11R

June is always a great month for the travel lover in me - its the annual examination season. This year had a lot of travels for me on the block. The first among them was a short one to Chitradurga - a short one is always a good primer! Booking tickets for the ride to Chitradurga was a no-brainer - KSRTC was the best (and only, if I may) option for the route. I picked KSRTC for both ways.

June 25, 2019:
I had planned to leave home a little earlier than required, and also to board the bus from Majestic, instead of the much nearer Yeshwantpur. I got up a little late, and I left home a little later than I had planned. The trusted Uber driver took me to Majestic as quickly as he could, and dropped me outside Terminal-1, from where my bus would depart. I roamed around the terminal for a while, observing various departures at the time. I had already received the details of the bus and its crew by SMS from KSRTC - and I was traveling on board a fairly new Volvo B11R 13.8m coach. I was surely …

Thrissur to Bengaluru: KSRTC Garuda King Class Volvo B9R

I did not look beyond the KSRTC (Kerala) website when it came to this journey. I did make a customary look at the Karnataka website, but didn't book there. I preferred my favorite service on this route - the 1900EKMBNG Garuda King Class service - among the best premium services offered by Kerala SRTC.

June 23, 2019:
It is always difficult to leave home - especially when TW is not returning. I had to get to Thrissur by 2030hrs, and I had left home by around 1900hrs - I was hoping to get a KSRTC bus (which had reintroduced service recently) - but luck wouldn't have it, and I ended up cutting a little too close. I managed to get a bus by 1930hrs, and the bus got me to Thrissur a little past 2030hrs. Thrissur bus station is the worst place to be in, on a weekend evening. With every inch crowded, I had no option by stay in the open ground. My bus, RS784, rolled in to the bus station at 2056hrs - about 11 minutes behind schedule.

The bus was directly taken to a departure platform, a…

Bangalore to Thrissur: on the new LHB-fied Island Express

I have never considered trains as an option while traveling to Kerala - with a string of travels lined up over the year, I was forced to look at trains as a viable alternative. I had to travel to Kerala with family at quite a short notice - I had to choose between a train or a flight - the latter was not an option due to the fares and some uncertainties over the number of people travelling. I finally picked the train - the iconic Island express was preferred. Once the sole option for people traveling from Kerala to Bengaluru - although multiple options exist now, this train is still among the most preferred and runs long waiting lists most of the time. I did manage to get confirmed tickets for this journey, but except one, none of the berths were what we would've preferred.

I was quite excited about the journey, for multiple reasons - one, I was taking the Island express; two, I was taking a train to my hometown after a very long time; and, three, this would be a ride in an LHB r…

Thiruvalla to Bengaluru: on Kerala RTC's Leased Scania!

I hadn't looked at too many options before I booked this one, for our return journey (I and my colleagues) after a colleague's wedding. Although we had briefly romanced the idea of taking a train - lack of trains that get to Bengaluru sufficiently early for us to get to office, and lack of tickets forced us to drop the idea. There were suggestions to take a sleeper bus - but then almost all of them reached Bengaluru past 0700hrs, and would drop us in the southern part of the city, leaving us to fend our way to the northern part of the city, and still be in time for office! Finally, we returned to the original plan - the Kerala SRTC Scania service from Pathanamthitta to Bengaluru - this one would pick us from Thiruvalla itself (where our colleague's wedding was happening) and would drop us near our places by 0730hrs - giving us sufficient time to head to office. This particular service is operated using a bus leased from a private operator (on a wet lease - with the driver…

Bengaluru to Chengannur: by Humsafar Express

Humsafar (Companion) Express was among the many brands of trains launched during the last few years in India. This brand of express trains provide only Air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper coaches, and come with quite some bells and whistles. Externally, the coaches are wrapped in some fancy coloured, pleasing looking vinyl stickers. Internally, the facilities include better berths, food storage compartments (including refrigerators and ovens), better toilets, status indicators and cabin fresheners. The only time the Indian Railways introduced coaches with only AC 3-tier sleeper coach was the Garib Rath Express - which was a revolutionary concept of bringing economical AC travel to the masses. Humsafar express, on the other hand, charges a premium compared to the other express trains on the route. Launched towards the end of 2016, about 34 pairs of Humsafar trains operate in the country now. The first Humsafar express on the Bengaluru-Kerala route was launched sometime in October 2018. My …

Uyare - flying high!

A possessive boyfriend, an ambitious girl, a supportive father, and a flirtatious entrepreneur - how their lives are intertwined is what the movie says, in a nutshell. Anything beyond this could reveal the storyline.

Caution: Possible reveals ahead! Read only if you have watched the movie, or don't mind knowing a part of the story before you watch the movie!

Debutant director Manu Ashokan and scripted by Bobby-Sanjay tells the tale of a very ambitious girl, Pallavi, played by Parvathi Tiruvoth, who struggles hard to become a pilot - a disaster she goes through, and her struggles to attain justice. Parvathi has done absolute justice to the role, and a special work of appreciation goes to the make up artists. Asif Ali, as Govind, the very possessive, authoritarian and lover was amazing. He was perfect for the character. With an authoritarian boyfriend and a feminist girlfriend playing the lead, the rest is up to your guess. Pallavi stresses on her feminist traits through some dialo…

Trivandrum to Bengaluru: on Kerala Lines Volvo B11R

My travel plans for returning  from Trivandrum was cut clear right at the beginning. Selecting the leading operator on the route was a no-brainer. With high ratings on the leading bus booking website, and the best word-of-mouth reviews, Kerala Lines Volvo B11R was my first choice. A few days before my trip, rather before I booked my ticket, they added another bus on the route, with a later departure. I decided to stick to my original plan of traveling by the 2000hrs Volvo B11R operated by Kerala Lines.

May 02, 2019:
It was a busy day - attending the marriage, followed by the sumptuous lunch and then some awesome time with friends spotting buses, followed by some shopping. I got a bit late since I spent quite a lot of time talking with my good friend Jayasankar, at his place. I had to hurry with getting ready, and then rushed to Thampanoor on an autorickshaw. I badly wanted to eat at the Indian Coffee House - but I was running a little late, and decided to stick to Ariyas near Aristo J…