Mumbai Quickie! Bengaluru to Mumbai on VRL 'Multi-Axle'

Every journey is memorable! Every journey has a story! 

This journey is one I would keep close to my heart! I have been wanting to go to Mumbai since sometime now - the desire got stronger as my life took a turn recently. I badly wanted to meet my fiancée who works in Mumbai and I had to travel at a very short notice - the decision to travel was taken hardly 24 hours before the actual journey commenced. Flights were too expensive - the two way bus journey cost me less than half the one way flight fare. It had to be the bus, undoubtedly. This was a very short trip - departing Bengaluru on a Saturday evening, and I had to be back on Monday morning. I wanted a seater bus, not a sleeper - since I've felt quite uncomfortable in sleeper buses earlier. I finally picked VRL for my outbound and KSRTC for the return.

February 17, 2018:
I had left office a little past lunch break on an Ola cab towards the Vijayanand Travels bus station near Anand Rao Circle in the heart of the city. I had sel…

Mumbai Quickie: Mumbai to Bengaluru by KSRTC Scania

I had too little options as I looked for buses to travel from Mumbai to Bengaluru - I wanted a seater bus, and wanted to avoid sleeper buses - since I was not comfortable in sleepers, for some reason. The only available seater options were either too early, or too late. After a lot of searching around, I decided to pick-up KSRTC - and booked on the first services, which originates from Mumbai Central. I was to spend the day in south Mumbai, and Mumbai central made sense.

February 18, 2018:
It was a hurried day - I was late to reach Mumbai, then hurried with my breakfast, then rushed to meet my fiancée, and finally ended the day with lunch. She accompanied me to the bus station to see me off - the bus was already parked there, but the entry to the bus station was confusing - thanks to the absolute lack of signages. The conductor quickly checked my ticket and let me through - I remained outside the bus for some more time before bidding adieu to her and settling into the metal box that w…

Thrissur to Bengaluru: Kerala RTC Garuda King Class

I had to make sure I wouldn't mess up my return journey after a big day. For some reason, I did not look at flights, but decided booked by a bus. Kerala RTC was chosen over other operators for the convenience factor - drop at Peenya! I picked my favorite service among them - Ernakulam-Bangalore Garuda King Class.

March 25, 2018:
The heat was taking a toll on me - I was exhausted by evening. After hurrying though routine pre-departure formalties, I rushed out of home to the nearest bus stop. The time was a little past 1915hrs - my bus from Thrissur was scheduled at 2045hs - leaving me with exactly 90 minutes to get there. I got to the bus stop by 1925hrs - missed a bus just before getting there. The wait for the next bus got a little longer - I was getting tensed as the time went by. I finally got into a bus by around 1945hrs - unusually, the driver decided to drive slowly. The heat got worse as I neared Thrissur - I got off near KSRTC bus station by around 2050hrs - five minutes p…

Bangalore to Thrissur: Kerala State RTC Garuda King Class!

A big day! Big Reason to travel! I was undecided!

I had originally booked on Go Air for a Friday evening - I booked this ticket over two months in advance. Go Air decided to cancel this flight - and, fortunately, they did call me about a week in advance and intimated about the cancellation. The neo troubles were affecting both IndiGo and Go badly. I had planned to rebook on a different airline initially - but some other reasons forced me to hold on for a while. I looked at all the options I had - including the railways! After a lot of procrastination, I decided to bite the bullet, and picked Kerala RTC again - I booked my ticket on the day of my journey. The bus had a little over 50% occupancy at the time - I picked a window seat towards the rear end of the bus, on the left side.

March 22, 2018:
It was arts time at office, and I could reach home quite early. After a late lunch, and early evening tea, I set out from home in a fairly tired Ola Prime cab towards Basaveshwara Bus Station …

SRS Mercedes Benz SHD: Nellore to Bengaluru

I was browsing a famous ticket booking website for options for my return journey from Nellore to Bengaluru. SRS Travels caught my attention - since the vehicle type was listed as "Mercedes Benz Multi-Axle". I checked on the SRS website and confirmed this information. I further checked on facebook and ensured that the service was actually operated by a Mercedes Benz multi-axle coach. I booked my ticket through the SRS website, which guaranteed a discount on the ticket fare. The final cost of the ticket was close to Rs. 400 less than what I paid for the outbound!

March 09, 2018:
I checked out of the hotel at Ayyappagudi, by around 2030hrs - my bus was scheduled to depart at 2200hrs from Madras Bus Stand. I had called up SRS Travels earlier in the evening to confirm the location of the pick-up point, and had confirmed the departure time as well. I waited for a while to see if I could get a bus, but finally settled for a share autorickshaw, who dropped me near the bus station by…

APSRTC Amaravati: Bengaluru to Nellore

One hot day in Kerala, sometime past noon - I receive a call from an unknown number - the caller identifies himself as a faculty member at a Pharmacy college in the coastal Andhra Pradesh town of Nellore. The call was to invite me as a resource person at a national conference organised by the college. After due clarifications, I accept the offer. A few days pass without much movement - and about a week later, the official invitation arrives in my mail box. I did not book tickets until a few days before the event - the host at the institution in Nellore followed up duly to ensure I booked my tickets, and he confirmed my arrival time at Nellore. I badly wanted to try APSRTC - their fares were the highest on the route - almost twice the fares charged by private operators. After dilly-dallying for a few days further, I finally book my ticket on the APSRTC Amaravati departing Bengaluru at night.

March 08, 2018:
I was laid back - the bus leaves only at 2300hrs. I had a very relaxed dinner f…

On 'Asafoetida': Kochi to Bengaluru

I wasn't supposed to fly this day - certain life events made me a little cautious about the number of leaves I took during the year, and this made me rethink about the travel plan that I had for end of February. I had originally planned to take three days off and return over the weekend with family - with my new found caution for leaves, I decided to fly back on Friday after attending a family function late on Thursday night. My outbound was already booked on go Air (Read here). I looked at various OTAs for flight tickets, and found a deal on SpiceJet. I hadn't flown SpiceJet for a long time, and I booked a ticket without a second thought, along with a Seat+Meal Combo as well, since I would be flying around lunch time.

February 23, 2018:
I hadn't slept well that night, and I was feverish as I woke up around 0900hrs. I had to leave home by 1000hrs to make it to the airport on time for a 1310hrs departure. Noon is a peak hour for Kochi airport, and I had to account for the l…