Return to India: Part 1 - Rochester to Detroit on DL4608

The decision to book Delta for my Rochester-Detroit flight was not easy. Delta (Connection) was the only airline flying non-stop from Rochester to Detroit, and they had multiple flights over the day. They were, however, not the cheapest. A quick search on multiple OTAs turned up multiple cheaper options from United and American. The difference was not very large. This left me thinking if I should take the risk of flying a connecting flight, or be done with a direct flight at a higher cost. I did not want to get stuck in Detroit, and decided to book the direct flight instead. This flight would get me to Detroit with over 4 hours to spare for my connection.

After having spent over a month in Rochester, and kind of adjusting to the place, it was not an easy task packing up. Some last minute purchases from Walmart added to the baggage, and I had to struggle a bit to pack all of it into the two bags I had with me. It was fun packing my bag - a lot of tricks went in to get all my stuff int…

New York to Rochester by Greyhound

After getting off Megabus, we had to walk all our way to the Port Authority bus station - we had chosen to walk since taking the train or the bus would've taken the same time! It was a long back to get to 42nd street. Once we got near the Port Authority bus terminal, our priority was to get some dinner. We headed to Villa Fresh, for some good italian food. After dinner, we headed to Port Authority Bus Terminal. We had a tough time hunting out the platform where our bus would depart from. We kept roaming around the same place for a while as we kept following signages. After a bit of walking around, I enquired with a bus operator, who gave us precise instructions to get to the platform.

It was a very confusing route, and we got to the platforms located at the basement level of the north building. The gate details were given to us at the time of reservation itself, and we headed straight to Gate #62. This gate is also an arrivals gate. Our bus was to depart only at 0045hrs, and a fa…

Washington DC to New York on Megabus!

I was excited from the time I saw photographs of megabus! Travelling on the upper deck of the double decker bus was high up on the bucket list as I prepared travel plans. Unlike Greyhound, Megabus offered only point-to-point bookings. The return journey from Washington was the last choice I had, to try the megabus. We (I and my colleague) decided to book our return journey from Washington with a break at New York. We finally decided to book on megabus from Washington DC to New York, and on Greyhound for the last leg from New York to Rochester.
Megabus had around 20-odd departures from Washington DC to New York - some of them operating non-stop, and some with a pick-up point at White Marsh, Baltimore. I looked at all the departure leaving between 1700hrs and 1830hrs - we had to connect to a 0045hrs departure from New York to Rochester. Finally, I booked seats for the bus departing at 1800hrs. I opted for seats on the second row in the upper deck - the first row was terribly expensive,…

Rochester to Washington DC, via New York on Greyhound: Part-2

May 14, 2017:
I was walking around like a zombie, trying hard to understand what was happening. The time was just past 0200hrs. It took me some time to realise that I had to find the gate for my next bus. The Greyhound counter near the arrivals gate was not manned. I tried searching around if there is a board nearby. There was a board at Gate 64 that "Express" departures to Washington DC would depart from there. I wanted to confirm, and I took the escalator to the upper floor in the hope of finding a gate display. I did find a display board there, and it updated that my bus #1051 to Richmond, VA, via Baltimore and Washington would depart from Gate 74. Armed with this information, I returned to the lower floor, and headed towards Gate 74.

Interestingly, two people had already formed the gate, a good one and an half hour before departure! After a while, we too joined the queue - there weren't any seats to rest anyway, and since were already standing, it made more sense to …

Rochester to Washington DC, via New York on Greyhound: Part-1

While our (I and my colleague) plan to visit New York city was still being developed, another spark gets in. Why not go to Washington DC too? We had just one free weekend. I went through details of sightseeing spots in DC and we zero'd in on some spots to see. Based on this, we decided to make a very quick trip to Washington DC, spending a full day there. The final decision was to take a bus, traveling overnight, to Washington DC, spend the entire day in Washington DC, and take a bus back in the evening, to travel overnight back to Rochester. We first booked the outbound - since we couldn't really depend on our cards to book online, we headed to the Trailways bus station in Rochester to book our ticket. Transaction at the booking counter was really easy. The ticket had no less than 6 foils! One foil/coupon each for Rochester to Syracuse, Syracuse to New York and New York to Washington DC. Then one coupon to detail the itinerary, and one coupon to advertise the bus tracker and…