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The year that was....

Another year comes to an end... 2008 was truly a very eventful year. The new year is hardly 90 minutes from now. A quick recap at what the year was for me! The biggest event for 2008, was that I shifted base from the Commercial Capital of India, Mumbai, to city that is called with various names ranging from the Pensioner's Paradise to the Garden City to the Silicon Valley of India - Bangalore. This maha -event took place in April.  Although the year started with a bang - by a full day railfanning at Panvel, less than half the year later, I abandoned the very station and moved close to 1000 kilometres away. Railfanning has been lower than any other year. I changed my stream of work from a BPO to a Media Intelligence Firm. The very basic of my job changed from Life Sciences to Language! A very interesting job with tonnes of information from across the globe going through by keyboard on a daily basis! I am Loving it! I became a Registered Pharmacist! Yes! I am now a registered P

Day-out at Baiyyappanahalli

Never had been a railfanning session been organised at such a notice in Bangalore. After close to two months since a day long railfanning session, it was time to have one more. Baiyyappanahalli on Saturday was the call, and two railfans - Ramdev Gowda and Santosh Kulkarni - were to join in. The time was finalised and we all decided to head off... Saturday, December 06 was fixed and the time was 1100. I left home shortly before 1020 and got into a bus at 1030. I was sure to get late, but kept my optimism high. The driver of my bus (KA-01-FA-853; of Depot 24) was in no mood to speed up. The Eicher 20.15 bus was longing to break-free, and it couldn't get a chance till we crossed Marathahalli. Once we crossed Marathahalli, the bus got empty and the bus picked up speed rapidly. We kept cruising at around 65-70kmph till we reached Krishnarajapuram. The bus (on Route 500C) to terminate at "Tin Factory". I got down at the last stop, and hired a rickshaw to take me to Baiyyappana