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Travelling out of India - Mistakes that I did!

Some of you might have read my previous post on my wait for the red seal on the passport. Getting the first visa itself was an experience, traveling out of India for the first time was another experience of its own! I learnt a lot of new things from the mistakes I did during this process. I thought I must compile this to help you avoid the mistakes I did!  1. Plan thoroughly! Depending on where you are heading to, make sure you plan thoroughly. Have a rough idea of what all are you planning to carry - clothes, food products, medicines, cosmetics, toiletries, etc. I was quite unplanned at this - I packed my bag just a few hours before I departed to the airport. I ended up having all my toiletries in my bag that was checked-in. I had to run around in the last minutes to buy food products - some unnecessary last minute shopping.  2. Get an International SIM Card if you plan to remain there for long -  I was out of India for 45 days. I hadn't purchased a SIM card, and ended up having t