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The Inaugural Experience

It is not everyday that an inauguration takes place - No! I am not talking of shops or establishments being opened... not even new trains or lines.. but an all new Bus service! The City of Kochi, smack in the middle of the South-Indian state of Kerala, holds a very important place in the economy of the state. The city has over 650 buses constitution a very efficient (err! Over efficient) city public transportation. All the buses are owned and operated privately, with the Regional Transport Authority standing a meek spectator to the gory road races. The high number of buses mean an astonishing frequency of as high as a bus every minute on some routes! The high frequency means very low 'gap' between two buses, this in-turn results in high competition between buses to garner each ones' share of passengers. Kerala is not one state known for wide roads, and Kochi City is no exception to the norm - the roads here are too narrow to sustain buses rushing through at 60+ speeds. It