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Palakkad to Bangalore: Orange Travels new Volvo B9R iShift

I had always been fascinated by Orange Travels. Reviews about them remained consistent all the time. I had once booked a ticket by Orange, but couldn't travel by them due to some reason. Years went by. One fine day towards the end of October 2015, I get to know that Orange Travels is entering the super-competitive Hyderabad-Cochin Route. While the competition bought newer Scania buses, Orange came to the route with two brand new Volvo B9R iShift buses. While I was looking for an opportunity to travel by them, came the marriage of a very close friend and fellow busfan Sankar! I did not make a second thought as I went ahead and booked a ticket to travel from Palakkad to Bangalore on Orange Travels. I was eager to see how the new iShift performs and hence booked a seat towards the middle of the bus. December 07, 2015: The marriage was in the morning. I left late from home, and reached late for the marriage. After lunch, I left from the marriage venue. The scheduled pick-up time wa

Bangalore to Thrissur: On Kerala Lines' new Scania 13.7M

I had to attend a very close friend's marriage in Palakkad, which was to happen on a Monday. I was leaving from Bangalore on a Saturday, and that meant I had plenty of options to think of. I was heading to my home in Thrissur to spend a day with parents before heading to Palakkad on Monday morning. I booked my return ticket from Palakkad in a Hyderabad bound bus, so that I could be at home by midnight and go to work the next day without getting late. I was confused about which bus to take while going home. The regular options from both the KSRTCs were available, or I could opt from one of the many private operators. It was around this time that Kerala Lines was introducing their brand new Scania Metrolink 13.7M coach on their age-old Bangalore-Pathanamthitta route, which they consider their home route. Being good friends, I confirmed the availability of the coach in advance, and even got a seat blocked for Saturday evening. The buses were delivered late on Wednesday night, and was