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Kallada Multi-axle.. with a decent driver!

Four days after arriving at Bangalore - four days of gastronomical treat, and a totally unexpected rail experience - it was time to head back home. I had to carry some baggage back home and chose the Kallada B9R for my return. It was sunny until the day before my journey. My boarding point was the Kallada office at Madiwala. We reached the office around 20:30, while my bus was scheduled to depart at 2130 (reporting time was 2115). On reaching, I headed straight to get my boarding pass, and also book the luggage that i was carrying alone - the guy who takes care of the Parcels asked me to wait till the bus comes. In the mean time, I walked around clicking the multi-axle monsters of various operators that were parked around. It started pouring down by then - it was very heavy. I had no option but to return to the Kallada office. The clock ticked past 2115, there was no sign of the bus. Enquired with the guys at the office, who confirmed that the bus would arrive only by 2130. The bus,

The Mercedes 'Tri-Axle'

After rounds of planning, replanning, cancellation, planning.. and so on, I finally decide to take the plunge and head straight to Bangalore. Some urgent personal work, with some railfanning in the agenda, made this weekend the perfect time for my trip. Accordingly, I booked a ticket on the Bharathi Multi-Axle Mercedes Benz bus leaving on 21st July 2011, with boarding point at Aluva. The day arriving very soon.. An accident near my home meant that the power supply to our area was disrupted. With clouds looming large, it was wet and dark around my home. A short walk from my home, I reached the bus stop to get a bus to Kodungallur (38kms south of Thrissur, Kerala). Had to wait for quite some time to get a bus (the first two that came went without stopping). I got off at Kodungallur, and quickly got the next bus to Parur. As I reached Parur, I got a bus to Aluva as well. Except for the long waiting time near my home, travel to Aluva was a breeze. The bus dropped me well away from the pl