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The Airavat Club Class MercBenz yet again! Thrissur to Bangalore..

This one was a last moment trip. I was desperately searching for tickets for a journey from Thrissur to Bangalore, on a Sunday! Privates were priced out as usual - and I was searching only for STU tickets. I desperately wanted to try the new Kerala RTC Super Deluxe, but only the last row seats existed. That was surely not what I was searching for. The next target was my favorite 2131TRCBNG Airavat Club Class - this one too had only last row seats! Oh! The next option was 1828EKMBNG Merc Benz - this one was a 2115hrs pickup at Thrissur, but never comes or leaves on time. I thought twice before booking on this schedule - just for the dubious distinction. Left with no choices, I booked seat #37. March 09, 2014: It was 7pm already. There were no autos anywhere near my home. I had a bad pain on the first great toe joint on the right side - had to literally limp to the bus stop. My dad helped me with my baggage. I got a bus from there at around 1930. The bus was fairly crowded - quite un

Thrissur to Bangalore.. in 2131TRCBNG yet again!

The 2131TRCBNG Airavat Club Class schedule has off-late been a service of choice for me. The service is quite consistent - and being a service starting from Thrissur has been a plus point for me. Its been a routine for me to keep a ticket book for this for Sundays following the Third saturday of every month. February was no different. I normally book the same seat as well - #17. February 16, 2014: It was around 7pm on my watch - I was on my way from my home to Kodungallur in a rickety private bus. It creaked its way to Kodungallur municipal bus station, dropping me there around 1915hrs. There was no KSRTC bus to Thrissur there - but I decided to wait. After some moments of waiting, I saw RT285 of Thrissur came in and reversed into the platform. For some reason, Kodungallur municipal council feels that KSRTC and Private buses should not be parked in the same area - this meant that KSRTC buses get poor loads and often are not noticed by passengers (except those in the know). The bus

Airavat to Thrissur, via Gudalur, yet again.

Another trip home. That week was punctuated with journeys all along - so much that I was spending two nights in a bus, then one night at home - then again two nights in a bus. With all the travelling thrown in, I was quite unsure about traveling home until early Friday morning. I hadn't booked any ticket (I had a confirmed ticket for my return journey though). My sister-in-law asked me to confirm my plan - I decided to dive in. I booked the ticket immediately through my Mobile - the new Avatar App from KSRTC is quite good. It loads a bit slow, but works fantastically. My favorite seat was gone - only the last four rows were available, and some seats on the right side. After my last experience, I decided never ever to book a seat on the right side in an Airavat. I went ahead and booked seat #36. February 14, 2014: I left from work after noon. I was a bit late to start. Every minute made me nervous - and there was no bus in sight. As clock ticked past 1330hrs, I decided to take a