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Are school buses immune to rules?

School buses are perhaps the worst rashly driven vehicles on road - atleast here in Kerala. Long back, during the days I was taking my driving lessons, I was told by my instructor that School buses always get the benefit of doubt, and hence if they are involved in accident, they are less prone to be prosecuted. I've been driving since September 2004, and have since driven in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The worst school buses that I've seen has been in Kerala - may be the observation gains more strength due to the roads of Kerala - which are at best described as "country roads". Yesterday's accident, which took the life of 5 little angels ( news, here ) brings the issue of rash driving to the front. In yet another accident today, a school bus took lives of two people in Ernakulam - the rashly driven school bus hit an auto-rickshaw killing its driver and passenger on the spot. In yesterday's accident, it is claimed that the school van was dr

A political stunt?

Private Bus Strikes are often an annual "festival" here in Kerala. The reasons for bus strike range from issues as meagre as altercation between passengers and conductor, to major issues like fare hike. A week back, crew of private buses in Kochi city struck work to protest their working condition, and demand a wage hike. The effects of the city bus strike was neutralised by KSRTC, which operated over 180 buses in the city (75 regular Thirukochi services, 60 JnNURM Low Floor buses and 48 extra buses) - thats a small number compared to the 650 Private city buses that were striking work. Bus owners' association has now announced another indefinite bus strike, from February 17 (tomorrow). This time, their demands (as ever) are: Increase bus fares (already among the highest in the country), increase students' concession fares (the current fares were fixed in 2001!) and reduce KSRTC services (interesting!). But the catch here is that two major district Private bus operat