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Am I late?

Am I late??? This was the question than rumbled past my mind when I saw a WCG2 headed BCNA rake rushing towards south Mumbai at Kurla. I had already missed my 7:19 Ambernath Fast and was waiting for the 7:24 Kasara Fast. The WCG2 and the Kasara local rushed into Kurla at the very same time. The local had many empty seats in the front First class coach - 352 A. This coach had many evidences in it prove that the coach was ex-WR! The Suburban Map stuck at the door was torn at many places and was clearly showing off the WR map beneath it! The speakers of the PA system had WR markings on it! The Western - Paschim marking on the exterior of the coach was shabbily painted over with the new markings Central - Madhya . CR is making the most of these rakes! People enjoy travelling or flying at 100 kmph in the suburban section! The train was a good performer. She managed to fly until Vikhroli. From Vikhroli onwards, she was riding the Yellows ! All the signals were at Caution aspect. Rarely

The EMU and ME!

EMUs or Electrical Multiple Unit are used by Central Railway and Western Railway to operate Suburban train services in the Metro City of Mumbai and its surroundings. The EMUs go as far as 121 Kms (to Kasara, NE of Mumbai, Central Railway) from its origin (Mumbai CST, CR). The EMUs basically have 9-Coaches, while many on WR, and CR (Main Line) have 12-Coaches. Each EMU Rake is made from sets of 3-Coaches each. Each set has a coach with the Driving Cab, A motor car - the one which also houses the "motor", and a Trailer car (the one which has only seating facility i.e., has niether a driving cab nor a motor!. 3 such sets join to form a 9-Car train while 4 forms a 12-Car rake. I had my first EMU journey in 1999. (Explained in the previous post). Since 1999, I had countless journeys on EMUs. My first experience of an EMU was on a relatively less crowded Harbour line of Central Railway. Central Railway EMUs are not very crowded as compared to their counterparts in WR. WR is

The first journey to Mumbai...A short recap!

January 08 1999, 1730 hrs: I found myself fighting against mosquitoes at Platform 1 of Coimbatore Junction. Myself, my Mom and my elder brother were waiting for the Mumbai-bound 1082 Jayanti Janata Express! The train was late and finally pulled in at about 1800 or thereabouts with a rust coloured Diesel loco. We were in one of the rear most coaches, and we were on our first journey towards Mumbai. The journey was exciting for me. The next morning, as I woke up - the train was running through some green areas and sometime later made it to Cudappah station. The station is surrounded by quarries of Cudappah Stone , widely used in construction of Kitchen Platforms. I still have fresh memories of the train rushing past fields full of sunflowers somewhere in Andhra Pradesh. The train was full of vendors selling stuff like Groundnut or palli as they call it in Telugu! Eunuchs made a clappy appearance in between. Pantry Staff with a huge "CR" badge selling their stuff were also mak

Platform kramaank 6 chya kinare paasun dhoor ubhe raha...

Wondering what the title is all about? This is a very common announcement heard at Platform 5 & 6 of Thane station (just like many stations in Mumbai which have a platform on the Main "Fast" line. The entire announcement goes like: "Platform kramaank Saha (or Paanch) chya Kinare paasun dhoor ubhe raha...Ek Jalad gadi jaanaar aahe..koni yaatri patri olaandu naka"..."Platform kramank Chhe (or Paanch) ke kinare se dhoor rahiye...Ek tez gaadi jaanevalee hai...Koi yaatri patri paar na kare". The translation is: "Passengers on Platform 6 (or five) are requested to stay away from the edge. A fast train would be passing shortly. Passengers are not to cross the tracks". I happened to hear this once again today in the morning! I usually spot "Vidarbha Express" at Thane (on a daily basis). Today, it seemed that all trains from the Igatpuri side were late today! I usually spot Punjab Mail at Kurla, Chalukya at Ghatkopar, some other train betwe

Driver...Start kijiye!

Good morning! Today is Monday - 17th of July 2006.... Another monday :-( A curtain raiser for a tiresome week ahead..As usual I woke up at 0500, finished all morning chores, got ready and rushed to the railway station - Belapur CBD, a station on the Mumbai CST-Panvel Harbour branch of Central Railway's Mumbai suburban railway. I boarded my regular 06:33 Belapur-Mumbai "Local". I took my regular seat in the First class coach at the rear end of the train. The train went on without any particular event. I alighted at Kurla and proceeded to Platform 5 from Platform 8 via the Foot-Over-Bridge. Just as I was walking down towards PF #5, the "prestigious" Punjab mail rushed past with a WCAM3 in charge! I boarded my regular 07:17 Dadar-Ambarnath "Fast" Local! We crossed the 1018 Yeshwanthpur-Dadar Chalukya Express somewhere near Ghatkopar. The loco was a Pune WDG3A in Turquoise livery! Everything normal..and we finally pulled into Thane - My destination. This t

A WDP4...So close!

(The loco in the above image is WDP4 #20025, Photographed by me at Bangalore in December 2005) I had a "close-up" look at a WDP4 loco today for the first time in my life! The loco was WDP4 #20026 from Krishnarajapuram working the 0103 Mumbai CST - Madgaon Mandavi Express! WDP4 is a 4000 HP Diesel Locomotive imported by Indian Railways from GM's Electro-Motive Department (EMD). Now these locos are built by Diesel Loco Works (DLW) at Varanasi. The loco, also fondly called as a "Monster" by Railfans, is longer than normal Diesel Locos and has a peculiar whine. The loco stopped about 30 metres away from me! She was "gigantic"! The loco working with its long hood forward i.e., the loco was working the same way as shown in the above image. Just imagine that the coach is coupled near the cabin. This type of working is said to be most difficult for most loco pilots! The loco attracted all passengers who were waiting for a Mumbai CST bound "Fast" l

'Flying' on an EMU

Central Railway's Mumbai Division introduced the "advanced" AC/DC EMU trainsets in 2005. These EMUs are capable to running on AC as well as DC traction, while the normal EMUs used by CR can run on DC traction only. CR, recently made a few changes in these EMUs and they are now capable of running at 100kmph while the normal DC EMUs can do only upto 80kmph! Last Monday (i.e., July 03, 2006) I had my second ride on an AC/DC EMU. My first ride was on 23 June 2006 and the coach was 360B. The second ride also was on the same coach but 10 days later. During my first journey, the trainset was working a "slow" service to Asangaon (about 86 kilometres North-East of Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus). Since the train had to stop at all stations, the ride was more or less like a normal DC train except for the "F1" like sound of the AC/DC Rake. For my second journey, the same rake was working a "Fast" service to Asangaon! This time again I boarded coac

A smokin diesel!

A smoking diesel loco is a scene that i always love to see in my life! Diesel locos of the Indian railways, especially from the sheds like Pune, Kalyan, etc are a delicious sight to any railfan. These locos are capable to pushing out thick black smoke which is thick enough the camouflage the nearby coaches! This image was taken by me in November last year. The smoker in this image is a WDM3A loco from Pune Diesel Loco Shed. The smoke from this loco has made the first coach of the train almost invisible! This is the first post of this blog! I will be using this blog to post tidbits from my short railfanning trips in and around mumbai! Though the title relates this blog to diesel locos, i will be posting about electric locos as well.