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The First time: Visit to the Dentist!

March of 2012: One fine day, I was busy picking my tooth. Something had just lodged itself "behind" my molars. I had been experiencing this since long - and I was believing that there was a "hole" there.  I was taken to the dentist by my brother. Stanza after stanza from This is going to hurt just a little bit  by Ogden Nash, that I had studied at school, came to my mind, as I sat with my mouth wide open on the dentist's chair. It was quite comfortable to sit, rather lay, on the chair till the dentist came around with all his tools and began examining my tooth.  Like Nash said in his poetry, " And that I will never have to do it again is a hope that I am against hope hopen. ", I just wanted to get off from there, never ever to return there again. A prescription for an X-ray was written and handed over. A "panoramic" X-Ray was taken - the dentist pondered over the X-Ray and broke the news to me. I'd require a "surgery" to extract

Birth of my lil' one - the anxious moments!

January 25, 2019: I was far away in Kalaburgi (Gulbarga) in Northern Eastern Karnataka, commonly called Hyderabad-Karnataka, or Kalyana-Karnataka, attending an examination duty. As I was busy listening to mundane presentations, and asking questions to students (Viva Voce) in between, I receive a call from my mom - I expected that be our routine call - she makes it a point to call me whenever I am traveling, lending me a part of her warmth over the call. She enquires if my travel was comfortable and if I had my breakfast (all moms are worried about this) - I could sense an excitement in her voice as she tried speaking normally. Then she breaks this news that my Wife (who are at my hometown on that day) had tested positive to the Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT)! Excitement had no bounds - I didn't know how to react and was really excited! My wife confirms this news, and later she gets a USG Scan done to confirm the arrival of our lil' one!  September 22, 2019: The doctor had advised t