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Thrissur to Bangalore by Airavat Club Class

The ubiquitous holiday list issued by the state government of Karnataka made me curious - two days of continuous holidays in January - add a Casual leave to it, and I get a 4 day holiday at home. Since I was returning on a weekday, plus my recent experiences of arriving late in Bangalore in Private buses made my choice simple - I did not look beyond Karnataka SRTC. I checked tickets and was quite surprised to see lots of seats available. I hate waiting for my bus, and hence decided to book on a bus that started in Thrissur itself - so it was 2131TRCBNG for my journey. I selected a seat on the right side.

January 15, 2014:
My hometown was in the peak of festivities. The temple town was packed with devotees as the temple celebrated its annual ritual, called Thalappoli. I was expecting buses to be crowded due to the festival, and hence decided to head to Kodungallur in an auto and take a bus to Thrissur from there, instead of boarding from near my house. I reached Kodungallur around 1920…

Bangalore to Thrissur by Kerala RTC Super Deluxe

This was to be the first visit to my hometown in 2014. I decided to book on a KaSRTC Airavat Club Class for my return - booked the tickets towards the end of December 2013 itself. I had not taken a call on what bus to book for my outward journey. I was in confusion for quite some days. Soon after January 1, I decided to take a call - it was Kerala SRTC's new Super Deluxe for the trip! I selected the 11pm Bangalore-Thrissur Super Deluxe, via Mysore, Gudalur. I tried selecting the second row seat, but for some reason the row was showing up as "Ladies only". So I shifted to the third row - and booked Seat #9. The total fare worked out to Rs. 515 (Rs. 485 base fare plus Rs. 10 for reservation and Rs. 20 for online booking service charge).

January 11, 2014:
The first long trip of the year. I was curious and excited for sure. I was a bit tensed too - will it be comfortable and will it reach on time? I reached home on time, got ready and was set to leave. My brother dropped in…

A quick trip to Mysore

January 5, 2014, Sunday:
The first weekend of the new year. I wanted to make a visit to Mysore since long. But everytime, the opportunity got missed between the cup and the lip. This time everything went fine until Saturday evening. But some other got scheduled for Sunday morning, and I saw another miss this time. Sometime towards noon (around 11AM), I decided to head to Mysore. I left my vehicle at Shantinagar BS, and headed straight to A2B restaurant there for a quick brunch. Getting to Satellite BS from Shantinagar is a helluva task. Despite being an important terminal, there is hardly any link between the two bus stations (except for a very infrequent bus route - G6). I had to travel via Majestic (of course, I could've gone via Market as well). I made it to Satellite BS around 1205hrs.

I did some photography of the Kerala buses parked there - saw the interiors of the new Tata Super Deluxe for the first time. I finally entered into the bus station at around 1230hrs. I was alrea…

2013.. gone by are those days...

In a nutshell: A generally good year, with lots of trips, and some "to-do" stuff accomplished. I finished 1 year as a teacher - it was a great feeling as you grow up with the kids. They let me hold my head high as the results came - all of them passed with flying colours, and accomplished certain things their seniors did not even attempt.

One year of being called a sir.

The trainfan in my took a retirement - If my memory serves me right, I did not travel by train at all in 2013. All the journeys were by bus this year. No feats were accomplished in this segment though.

I am still excited as the memories of my visit to Gavi in July comes to my mind - a report of that visit is still pending, 7 months on.

Two back-to-back infernos snuffed out 53 lives travelling in Volvo buses - the accidents shocked busfans and travel operators alike. I still shudder as I think of the accidents.

I am left with nothing to write about the year gone by.. let it go to the pages of history as we tu…