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Bengaluru to Mangaluru on KSRTC Airavat Diamond Class

As the examination season of 2017 commenced, another season of travel dawned on me. Like every year, I got an examination duty at Mangalore, this year as well. I've been traveling on overnight buses the last two years, and I badly wanted to travel over the day. The examination was originally scheduled for a Saturday, and I had the option of traveling overnight on Saturday night, or taking the day bus on Sunday, or may be hold on for a day and travel back only on Sunday night. I opted to travel back on Sunday night and spend the day in Mangalore. As the date for my exam came closer, I was updated that the examination would be on Sunday, and not Saturday. Since I had already applied for leave and had arranged to be away on Saturday, I opted to take a day bus to Mangalore on Saturday - I wanted to do this since quite long. I ended up having a ticket towards the rear, though. June 10, 2017: With my bus departing at 0700hrs, I had to leave home quite early. I opted to leave home by

Return to India: Part 3 - Frankfurt to Bengaluru on Lufthansa 754

May 17, 2017: I was a little disoriented as I got into the terminal from the confines of the A343. It was colder inside the airport than inside the aircraft. I was weary and tired - I had been awake since 0500hrs US EDT, and the time was around 0000hrs US EDT then. A long day without sufficient sleep. I had a long walk to Concourse-C, and of course almost 7 hours of wait after getting there. I dragged my legs as I walked towards the next gate. I took off some time to use the rest room. I briefly contemplating taking some rest at a resting area I saw en route, but thought of waiting at the gate instead. I took the tram, and headed to the C gates. I headed straight to the duty free shop at Concourse C - I had pre-booked some stuff online - they took my payment in USD instead of Euro on request. After the duty free shopping, I headed straight to security check. The office at the frisking booth asked if I really wanted to go to the gate - he offered that I could roam around the other con

Return to India: Part 2 - Detroit to Frankfurt on Lufthansa 443

The flight back from Detroit to Bengaluru was part of my basic round trip booking. There was no involvement of mine in this booking, since I had just selected the ticket on the basis of cost. But then, this booking had some interesting stuff - this would be my first flight in an Airbus wide-body, and also the first in an Airbus quad engine! Yes - I was taking the Airbus 340-300. I did an online check-in a day before my flight and selected a seat over the wings in the forward half of the economy section. I did try if upgrades to premium economy were available - it showed unavailable - either due to my fare class or, it was really sold-out. A Lufthansa A340-300 D-AIGS  approaching Detroit.. I flew in a similar aircraft.. May 16, 2017: After getting my bag, I walked towards the ground transportation centre. Although the ground transportation centre was located in the same level as the baggage claim, there was no direct way, and I had return to the upper level, take the passenger