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Unexpectedly - Indigo from Bangalore to Kochi

This was another trip planned at a very short notice. I had no intentions of going home that weekend. But the situations changed rapidly as the weekend approached. I had two important personal work to finish - one in my hometown and one in Mangalore. I initially toyed the idea of flying in to Mangalore - but the exhorbitant prices on that sector made me replan my journey. I was badly homesick - it had been close to three months since I went home, and decided to make a quick hop home as well. I was taking offs on Monday and Tuesday, and had an important meeting on Saturday in office. I thought it would be a risk to book for Saturday evening, and decided to fly out on Sunday morning. I initially toyed the idea of taking a morning flight - but Saturday turned out very hectic and I badly wanted to sleep for sometime. On Saturday evening, I decided to fly by Indigo, the 1255hrs flight. Booking was made through my Credit Card issuer's site, and I immediately checked in online in order t

Flying 'Smart' from Bom-Bay to Bangalore..

The reunion was initially planned to happen in the evening. Hence, it was important that I pick the last flight of the day from Mumbai to Bengaluru. It was also important that the flight had to be within my budget. The last flight was selling at exhorbitant rates, while the one before that had somewhat sane fares. It all finally boiled down to a tight competition between Jet Airways and two departures of Go Air. The flights were at 2100, 2125 and 2145hrs - I picked the last among them. That was Go Air. Now, that meant another opportunity to sample Go Air as well. My only experience with them was in November (read here ) - and that was a no-nonsense experience. I was surely looking forward to try them again. I booked through their site, and pocketed a small cashback for using the services of a third party website as well. Surprisingly, Go Air did not charge for seat selection (except he "preferred seats" at the front) - I opted for #10A while booking. A few days later, I de

Flying the new feeling: Vistara to Bom-Bay!

Bombay is always a special place for me. I spent the best decade of my life in the amazing city of Bombay, and its younger cousin sister, Navi Mumbai. The progress from teens to adulthood happened here. I got my driving license in this city, entered into my profession in this city, and what not. There are always fond memories of this marvellous city - despite being hectic and busy, I love this city to no limits. I have not been to Mumbai after 2009 - the last visit in 2009, was too short to be called a "visit" as well. I was waiting for an opportunity to visit Mumbai - and the opportunity came on Facebook one fine evening. A college reunion - our batch was to meet again after 8 long years! No better opportunity that this to head to Mumbai! The first date was a bit of an issue for me - luck favoured me, and the date changed later! I wanted to spend a day for myself in Mumbai, revisit some nostalgia as well. With this requirement, I looked at various options to head to Mumba