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On Jet Airways ATR72, Unexpectedly!

This was one trip decided at the very last minute. A long holiday, all thanks to an All India Motor Transport Strike right before May Day, meant I could head home. The journey home was by road - driving down my brother's car. I hadn't booked a return ticket - I had the option of taking a day off and returning with my brother, or taking a bus/flight earlier. I had to return earlier because of certain official commitments back in Bangalore. A bus ticket for Sunday (day or night) was selling at exorbitant rates. I tried for Saturday night, and the rates were no different. Air Fares were starting at more than 7K. It was just then that I remembered I had enough JetMiles to get an Award ticket - the problem, now, was that Award tickets should be available. The Jet Airways app does not let one book an award ticket. I tried booking through their desktop version of the website, and it worked. Award tickets were still available on most flights on Saturday, and only on the last flight

AirAsia India - Kochi to Bengaluru, again!

I hadn't planned any trips for Summer. A family function at home meant I'd have to travel and decided to make it a short holiday at home. I could manage a few days at home by combining a holiday and some leaves. The function was on April 12, while April 14 was a holiday and April 15 was our New Year. Tickets for 14th night was not very costly, so were tickets for April 15th morning. I went ahead and made a booking for April 15th morning, on AirAsia flight 1124, so that I can reach office by afternoon. I had that eerie feeling when I made the booking - will AirAsia again reschedule the flight and throw a spanner into my plans? AirAsia has never been on schedule, and has rescheduled my flight every time I flew them the past three times. That feeling did have some substance. As the date of the flight came closer, I casually checked flight schedules and the ticket rates for my day of travel - the first thing that caught my attention was that my flight was now scheduled to leave

On AirAsia India 'RED' yet again! BLR to COK on A320

With the new #AvGeek thoughts in mind, the last thing I wanted was flying the same aircraft twice. But things seems to be beyond my control as I sat down planning a vacation at home in April. Now 'Vacation' is a misnomer, since these holidays never extend 3 days at the most. This journey was initially slated to be 3 days long, but later extended to 4 days. Like everytime, I had booked my return ticket first - I was to return on a very busy day and hence booking at an  affordable  price was important (more on this booking later). After booking the return ticket, I got down to the task of finding an outbound ticket. A couple of days later, my brother declared that we both would be travelling together - and he wanted a night flight out of Bangalore. The options were AirAsia (Again!) and Jet Airways (on my fav ATRs!). My brother picked AirAsia - we booked on I51129, departing on a Friday night. When booking, the flight was timed at 2140hrs from Bangalore. A few days before depar