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Not a good day... perhaps!

Oh! Don't get mistaken - the title is not related to me... but someone else. At the end of a very interesting day at college, I was on my way back home. Instead of waiting at my normal bus stop, I was at a different stop today. I stood at the stop determined to get into the first bus towards my place - but that wasn't the realty. The first bus to arrive was TP415 of Guruvayur Garage - this was the bus I took yesterday. Yesterday, I got a seat as soon as I got in - but today, the bus was full, with passengers standing on the steps as well. I decided to skip this bus, and wait for the next. The next to arrive was TP942 of Ernakulam. I jumped up in glee seeing this bus - since that was a Leyland! I am a die-hard fan of Leyland, and never miss opportunities to travel on KSRTC Leyland buses. I usually get into a bus if its a Leyland, irrespective of the crowd inside. Today was no different. The bus came close, and stopped right where I stood. I got into the bus, and was greeted wit

The green surprise

Warning: This post may not be palatable entirely for normal audience... reserved for the ferroequinologists ;) The past week had been one that almost all students in my department (pursuing Post Graduation in Pharmacy, M.Pharm) in never like to forget in their life. The college was organising a two day workshop program on what could be the new buzz word in the Indian Healthcare arena - Pharmacoeconomics . While the subject in itself is interesting, and relatively simple to learn, its applications would stir up hornets' net among medical professionals. I wouldn't go into the details of the program, or the subject, in this post, since the intention of this post in entirely different. The planning part of the workshop commenced in the last week of September, and the program was scheduled for October 19-20. Interestingly, my department worked almost continuously since then, without much breaks in between. Sundays turned to be working days, and the college timings seemed to exten

Its here: A Hartal...

Its been over four months since I relocated to Kerala. However, Kerala's own Hartal has been eluding me till date (I did experience a Private bus strike in between). Finally, here it strikes. Kerala - more specifically, Thrissur District - is very famous for Hartals. People are ready to disrupt normal life for any trivial reason, often non-issues. Sadly, the common public - who appear lethargic - sympathise with these name-sake parties in organising such 'day offs'. Today, Kodungallur Taluk - in Thrissur District - is celebrating a Hartal. The reason: The local president of BJP was "manhandled" by the Police. The police had reportedly arrested a goon masquerading as a political activist of the said party. The president was protesting the arrest. While this might be an issue of prestige for the political party in question, I fail to understand why this should affect public life? If the arrested person was indeed a goon, he deserves to be put behind the bars. Th

A Quick Trip to Alappuzha - two interesting KSRTC episodes...

Ever since I moved from Bangalore to Kodungallur, my hometown in Kerala, I have been traveling extensively on KSRTC. KSRTC - acronym for Kerala State Road Transport Corporation - was always considered a passenger un friendly corporation, which focused more on reaching the destination on time, than carrying more passengers. The entire-outlook of KSRTC changed a bit after ministers decided to flog the horse, and get it back on its feet. I travel daily by KSRTC, from my hometown to my college - about 36 kms away. Each day is a new experience on KSRTC - but none of them were bitter till date. Here is a narration from a recent journey to Alappuzha, my mom's hometown. Alappuzha is about 90kms from my home town (my mom's exact place is about 14 kms from Alappuzha). Last Friday (October 09, 2009), I had to travel to Alappuzha, to attend a function. I had college till afternoon, and started from there by around 1500 hours. My aim was to reach my mom's place before too late at night