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Kochi to Chennai: SpiceJet Q400

Travel was the last thing in my mind as the pandemic continued unabated. I hadn't considered returning to my workplace unless my presence there was unavoidable. I kept pushing off any possible travel as much as I could. It was sometime in early October that I was told that I would have to travel to Chennai in December. I was hoping this journey gets pushed off - and I avoided booking a ticket for as long as I could. As November came, this journey confirmed, and I had to travel to Chennai on the last day of November, to be available there on the first and second of December 2020.  Twenty-Twenty ravaged the travel industry - the year has been unpredictable, exactly how the Twenty-20 format of the game of Cricket is! I was reminded some-time during the middle of the year that I had a credit voucher with SpiceJet (against a flight that was cancelled in mid 2019) - they had extended the validity of the voucher, all thanks to the pandemic. I had to use this voucher - because the year was