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The wait is finally over!

The big day for IRFCAns across the globe in now at the doorstep! The Fourth Annual IRFCA Convention is all set to begin tomorrow at 1030AM. The honour of hosting the convention this year is for the Garden City - Bangalore! The venue for the convention this year is United Theological College, Millers Road, Bangalore. The event will begin at 1030 tomorrow, and will conclude at evening on Sunday. The organising part of the event began in August. The proceedings at the event will be webcast live at the BNC2009 Blog . You can see images of organising meets of BNC2009 here . So I am off to the venue of the convention... updates are not expected, although I will keep my efforts on to webcast them on this website too.

The first journey via Kottayam!

Prelude: I had to go to Trivandrum for an urgent work. The journey from Bangalore to Trivandrum was done in two parts. Bangalore to Kollam by 6315 Kochuveli Express, and then Kollam to Trivandrum by Vanchinad Express. My work got pretty early than expected, and I decided to return, to my hometown in Thrissur District, by the 6525 Bangalore Express. The journey was on October 16, 2008. So, here goes the trip report... "Between the devil and the deep sea" was what ran through my mind as I got into a Rickshaw from the General Hospital at Trivandrum. The driver did not say a word about the fare, and I was a bit apprehensive if he would ask for the cost of his "three-wheeled limousine" at the end of the journey. He drove through cut roads, criss-crossing "bigger roads" often, and finally landing up at a road that distinctly identifies that "we are near the station". As he near Thambanoor, my confusion reached its heights - Should I take a bus or a t