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A Quick trip to Chennai: RKK Volvo B9R

The biggest confusion I have everytime I head to Chennai is whether I must travel the previous day, or take an overnighter, or taken an early morning bus. Overnight buses are almost always ruled out since that necessitates renting a room to get fresh - I prefer reaching Chennai the previous night in such cases. This time around, an evening departure was ruled out due to official commitments. I was left with the option of taking an early morning bus now - I looked at the options available, and picked up my favorite option on the route - RKK Travels. There were two reasons behind this decision - one, my previous experiences with them were great; two, they offered a pick-up at Majestic!

January 14, 2020:
I had hardly slept the previous night - the excitement about the journey kept me awake for most part of the night, and I might have managed about 2 hours of sleep at the most. The alarm went off at 0200hrs - I had planned to leave home past 0230hrs, and I was absolutely unsure of being a…

Thrissur to Bengaluru: KSRTC Ambaari Dream Class Volvo Sleeper!

Traveling post-Christmas is always an expensive affair. I had a train ticket for travel on Christmas day itself, but changes in plans made be cancel the ticket and reschedule the journey by road. Now, buses are often the priciest option available - I had to stick to state buses to save on some money. I looked at the sole sleeper option from Thrissur, and found it didn't have 'better' seats - I booked a seat on an Airavat Club Class. As the date for my journey kept coming closer, a great new broke in - KSRTC (Karnataka) was introducing a new Ambaari Dream Class service from Thrissur to Bengaluru - this was perhaps the best news I heard. I waited for the reservations to open, and I certainly was the first to book a ticket on the first ever trip of the Ambaari Dream Class service from Thrissur to Bengaluru. I cancelled the other ticket I had, in the meantime. Ambaari Dream Class is KSRTC's premium sleeper offering! This new fleet of multi-axle Volvo sleeper buses feature…

Trichy to Thrissur: 'Tea Garden' Express train!

The options to travel from Trichy to Thrissur seemed quite limited - only one premium bus listed, and at a high cost as well. I wasn't very happy booking this ticket at the price they had listed. I looked at trains, and found one option listed there as well. Sometime during the process, I even considered doing a break journey - changing buses on the way. I hadn't factored in the amount of luggage I would be carrying when I planned this journey. As the date for my journey came closer, I decided to book on the train - and ended up getting a side-upper berth.

The train I booked my ticket on is the present day Karaikal-Ernakulam Express. This train traces its roots to the 20th century when it started as the Mettupalayam-Cochin Harbour Terminus 'Tea Garden' Express carrying parcels containing tea leaves from the Nilgiris to the port at Cochin from where it is exported. I am not sure if it always ran from Mettupalayam - but that is what my father tells me. The train was lat…

Bengaluru to Trichy: Sri Renganathan AC Sleeper

Trichy is a city in Tamil Nadu, that I have never been to. I wanted to go there, but an opportunity never came. The opportunity came there in the form of a brochure - a brochure for a four-day workshop at a medical college in Trichy. I was excited about the event, and applied without much ado. A colleague from my department also applied for the event. We did not book our onwards ticket until we got the confirmation - but our return tickets were booked (not exactly return, but we were heading to our hometowns from Trichy) since we were traveling right before Christmas.

The confirmation for our event came in about a month (a little less than a month, actually) before the event. We had to reach Trichy the previous evening - and hence decided to book on a day service. There weren't too many options - and picking one was made easy. I decided to book on Shri Renganathan Travels AC Sleeper - since two of us were traveling, I booked on a lower double berth - I realized a folly in this mu…