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Bengaluru to Chitradurga: KSRTC Volvo B11R

June is always a great month for the travel lover in me - its the annual examination season. This year had a lot of travels for me on the block. The first among them was a short one to Chitradurga - a short one is always a good primer! Booking tickets for the ride to Chitradurga was a no-brainer - KSRTC was the best (and only, if I may) option for the route. I picked KSRTC for both ways.

June 25, 2019:
I had planned to leave home a little earlier than required, and also to board the bus from Majestic, instead of the much nearer Yeshwantpur. I got up a little late, and I left home a little later than I had planned. The trusted Uber driver took me to Majestic as quickly as he could, and dropped me outside Terminal-1, from where my bus would depart. I roamed around the terminal for a while, observing various departures at the time. I had already received the details of the bus and its crew by SMS from KSRTC - and I was traveling on board a fairly new Volvo B11R 13.8m coach. I was surely …

Thrissur to Bengaluru: KSRTC Garuda King Class Volvo B9R

I did not look beyond the KSRTC (Kerala) website when it came to this journey. I did make a customary look at the Karnataka website, but didn't book there. I preferred my favorite service on this route - the 1900EKMBNG Garuda King Class service - among the best premium services offered by Kerala SRTC.

June 23, 2019:
It is always difficult to leave home - especially when TW is not returning. I had to get to Thrissur by 2030hrs, and I had left home by around 1900hrs - I was hoping to get a KSRTC bus (which had reintroduced service recently) - but luck wouldn't have it, and I ended up cutting a little too close. I managed to get a bus by 1930hrs, and the bus got me to Thrissur a little past 2030hrs. Thrissur bus station is the worst place to be in, on a weekend evening. With every inch crowded, I had no option by stay in the open ground. My bus, RS784, rolled in to the bus station at 2056hrs - about 11 minutes behind schedule.

The bus was directly taken to a departure platform, a…

Bangalore to Thrissur: on the new LHB-fied Island Express

I have never considered trains as an option while traveling to Kerala - with a string of travels lined up over the year, I was forced to look at trains as a viable alternative. I had to travel to Kerala with family at quite a short notice - I had to choose between a train or a flight - the latter was not an option due to the fares and some uncertainties over the number of people travelling. I finally picked the train - the iconic Island express was preferred. Once the sole option for people traveling from Kerala to Bengaluru - although multiple options exist now, this train is still among the most preferred and runs long waiting lists most of the time. I did manage to get confirmed tickets for this journey, but except one, none of the berths were what we would've preferred.

I was quite excited about the journey, for multiple reasons - one, I was taking the Island express; two, I was taking a train to my hometown after a very long time; and, three, this would be a ride in an LHB r…