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A Train-o-logue after long...

Since over a year, buses have been my preferred choice for travel. Trains never came on my list, at any point of time. Since shifting to Kerala in 2009, the number of travels by train can be counted on fingers! I did make a few train rides with college mates to attend various seminars, but the travels would be more of a fun trip, and very rarely did I railfan during those trips. A couple of weeks back, a friends get-together was planned at Paravur (near Kollam). I quickly zeroed in on a train journey, and booked tickets in CC of the Guruvayur-Trivandrum Intercity express. The journey was on May 01, 2011. My initial plan was to start from home at 4.30am, and reach the station by 5.15am, for the train departing at 5.50am. However, things did not work according to my plan, and I could start from home only around 4.50am. It was mad rush afterwards, and finally ended up with a closed level cross at Edappally, trailing a slow moving truck for quite some distance in the city - at the end of

Garuda, still flying?

That was my first question when I walked into a horribly crowded Thampanoor Central Bus Station (CBS) in Thiruvananthapuram. I walked straight to the enquiry counter and asked if the Volvo service to Ernakulam was running on that day - the guy at the counter turned back, and asked another officer: "Innu Volvo vanno?" (Did the Volvo come today?). The other guy replied affirmative. The guy at the counter turned to me and confirmed the bus was indeed running today - departing at 16.40hrs. The time was then just past 14.30hrs. I had two full hours to kill - a blessing for the bus fan in me. It was tiring day - that started off at 4 in the morning. I was sweating so badly that my dress was wet by now - i could feel sweat dripping off my face. I decided to rest for a while, and remained seated on one of the many vacant seats. A while after, the Volvo to Bangalore turned up - RA101 was working the trip today. I tried my luck to see if tickets were available in this bus to Ernakula