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The all new Mercedes Benz 15M Super High Deck: KPN Travels, Coimbatore to Chennai

Hopes were running very high in the busfan community from the time rumors about a new Intercity coach from BharatBenz appeared. Daimler's earlier foray into the intercity scene wasn't a roaring success. The last time, they came out with a Brazilian Chassis with the coach built at Sutlej, one of India's oldest and renowned coach builders. Poor after sales support forced many operators away from the three-pointed star. By the time the after sales support was handed over to BharatBenz, the made-for-India brand of commercial vehicles from Daimler - which was a roaring success, buyers lost interest, and the product died a slow death. A few buses were sold as fully built Sleeper coaches - those were probably a last hitch attempt to survive. The first set of images of the new Daimler intercity coach - it was unclear if the coach would be sold under the Mercedes Benz brand or the newer, cheaper, BharatBenz brand - set off a lot of expectations again. The rumor-mills were busy pr

Bangalore to Coimbatore by Orange Travels Mercedes Benz

A journey with no specific purpose - one just to enjoy the pleasure of traveling! I had been planning one such journey since a long time. Although there was no specific purpose , I had a target. The initial plan was to travel Bangalore-Chennai-Coimbatore-Bangalore. The logistics didn't really work well and I decided to reverse it. The trip was conceived sometime in the middle of February, but it kept getting pushed back, and finally happened in the first week of March. The booking was very impulsive. I had been researching the various connections I could get, and finally decided on this combination: Bangalore to Coimbatore by Orange Travels Mercedes Benz, Coimbatore to Chennai by KPN Travels and finally Chennai to Bangalore by Parveen Travels. There was one or the other first  associated with each journey in this trip. Selecting Orange Travels for the Bangalore-Coimbatore leg wasn't easy. I did not want to stay overnight in Coimbatore, and at the same time I didn't want