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My first NWKRTC Express journey..

Disclaimer: This is not about a recent journey. This trip happened quite a long time ago - in June 2015 to be precise. I've always heard great reviews about the driving style of NWKRTC Expresses ( Vaayavya Karnataka Sarige , as they are called). I am generally not a fan of non-AC buses, especially when I've to travel over a couple of hours. I was appointed as an external examiner for practical examinations at a college in Chitradurga. It was about 4 hours away from Bangalore - too short for an overnight journey, and a bit long for a day-return journey. I did not want to travel overnight - since I'd anyways lose my sleep, and decided to leave early in the morning from Bangalore. A quick search on the KSRTC website did not throw up any reservable services leaving Bangalore early in the morning. I wanted to be in Chitradurga by around 0930hrs, so that I can start the exam by 1000hrs and depart back by one of the Volvo services in the evening. I kept an alarm for 0300hrs

All the things I love in Bengaluru - street food

Bangalore... er! Bengaluru, as the city is now known, was once known the Pensioners' Paradise , for its calm, relaxed and peaceful environment. However, with the dawn of the IT era, the city lost its calmness, and became crowded and infamous for traffic snarls. An average Bangalorean spends more time on the road than at home, goes the saying. For all its ills, I in love with this happening city. The unpredictable fever friendly climate, roads that resemble war zones during the day and desert during the nights are all factors that make me fall in love with this city. I travel across the city on a daily basis - commuting to office from home by public transportation. Street food is a vital part of Bangalore. A lot of people depend on street side vendors for their daily meal. I thought of compiling a list of some street food items that I devour quite often. A few of them might not be really street food though. Here goes my list: 1. Countless fruit plate stalls on streets! Banga