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2017: In a nutshell!

Two Thousand Seventeen was one helluva year! Although certain things I'd loved to have happened didn't, but a whole lot of surprises happened! The year 2017 saw me flying out of India for the first time - a trip to the United States of America! Spending 40 days in the US, making the most of my first trip out of India! A visit to NY, and then to DC! The year saw me taking 18 flights, covering almost 22K miles! There wasn't a lot of traveling in the year - except the visit to the US. I was lucky to even travel in buses in the US - a completely different experience in itself! I could even try an Amtrak journey in the US! A whole lot of train journeys, even more bus journeys as well in the country! Personally, the year was a mixed bag - some good things, some bad things in the life. All said, I still loved every bit of the year! I've been living my life to the fullest, and hope to continue doing that in the years to come! Lets turn pages for a whole new year!

Mangalore to Bangalore on KSRTC Airavat Diamond Class

December 10, 2017: As I completed the examination paperwork, I logged on to the KSRTC website and looked for the next available bus to Bengaluru, and zeroed in on the 1400 departure - this was an Airavat Diamond Class (Scania 13.7M), operating on the Mangalore-Bangalore-Tirupati route. I completed the examination work, and set out to the bus station. I requested the driver to drop me at New Taj Mahal Cafe , since I had to pickup some sweets and other snacks to take back to Bangalore. I got to the bus station by about 1300hrs - the bus was yet to be brought from the depot. The bus was brought in by around 1330hrs - the crew did not take the bus to the platform until about 1340hrs. Meanwhile, I received an SMS confirming the bus number. Boarding commenced a while past 1345hrs - most of the seats were prereserved, while the crew managed to get passengers for the remaining seats. The bus, while being brought in from the depot. The bus pulled out of the bus station at 1402hrs - wi

Bangalore to Mangalore on the new KSRTC Volvo B11R 13.8M

Exams are always a reason to travel. Being a travel freak, I love to use every opportunity I get to travel. The exam duty at Mangalore was seen as a badly needed opportunity to travel! I really wanted a break from work, and this was the chance. The exam was on a Sunday - getting a ticket to come back was a little difficult, but I had to take some chances here, since I wanted to return early. I booked my outbound in a KSRTC Airavat Club Class. I made a calculated guess, and booked the Bangalore-Manipal service hoping it would get a new Volvo B11R! December 09, 2017: I started from home around 2015hrs towards Yeshwantpur - I took a bus to Dasarahalli station, and then a Metro towards Yeshwantpur. I headed off to the nearby Hallimane  restaurant for a sumptuous dinner. I ate slowly to reduce my waiting time at the pickup point, the nearby Govardhan Theatre. I still got there by 2145hrs - with more than 25 minutes to go for pick-up time. I had received a message from KSRTC already by t