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A quick trip to Thrissur on Kerala RTC's Ernakulam Volvo Multiaxle

This was not exactly an unplanned trip - but can still be called one. I had this in mind that I'd head home on 19th June from Bangalore. I had already applied for leave. As the date came closer, I remained undecided on which bus to take? I had this soft-corner for Kerala RTC, but wanted to try a particular private operator as well. As I remained confused, I decided to wait till the D-Day and then take the call. A day before the trip, a particular afternoon departing service of Kerala RTC was restored - I wanted to try that service. But the risk of heavy rains and night, and the prospect of having to travel from Thrissur to my hometown in an autorickshaw in heavy rains did not look inviting. I junked that plan.  June 19, 2014: My initial plan was to head to Satellite Bus Station in the afternoon, and get into one of the four Volvo departing from Bangalore towards Thrissur. But the plan changed in the morning and I had a reason to return back home after work. I was at home by a

Movie Review: Bangalore Days!

A fresh engineering passout reciting a reason he studied by rote in typical Manglish accent in front of an interview panel. A girl passing out of college trembling in front of the mic and vowing to start a company for women empowerment. And a gypsy caught painting graffiti being chased by the cops. The crisp scenes establish the characters as the story unfolds. Bangalore Days is a free flowing story of three close cousins who land up in Bangalore - just the way they wanted to in their childhood. Nivin Pauly as Krishnan PP aka Kuttan , Dulquer Salmaan as Arjun aka Aju and Nazriya Nazim as Divya Prakash aka Kunju set the screen on fire with their fantabulous as cousins who've set forth to explore the happening city of Bengaluru. Kuttan sets the tone right as he says to himself - Which malayali wouldn't want to come to Bangalore and then just wants to get back home once he is here . How true is that?? Kuttan is a typical mallu techie one would find in Bangalore - He goe

Thrissur to Bangalore in Kerala RTC Volvo Multi-Axle

May 14, 2014: The heat, lack of sleep and humidity was taking a bad toll on me. I had just finished my work in Ernakulam, and was preparing to head home. I had to return to Bangalore the same day, and I hadn't booked any return ticket. I was initially planning to take a super deluxe bus back, but the experience the previous night left me confused. I drove straight to the KSRTC bus station in Ernakulam and in the meantime called up home for an opinion. As I disconnected the call, I just confirmed my thoughts - Comfort is more important. Without a second thought, I headed straight to the ticket reservation counter and asked for a ticket in the Kottayam-Bangalore Volvo Multi-axle with a boarding at Thrissur. The guy at the counter was bit confused with my request - he searched on the portal to confirm that such a service existed and then printed out a ticket. The fare was Rs. 1161 plus reservation charges (the antiquated reservation system of Kerala RTC makes you pay end-to-end irre

Bangalore to Kodungallur in a Kerala RTC Super Deluxe

Just a few hours after I landed in Bangalore on the Kerala RTC Volvo Multi-axle bus, I was staring at another need to head home urgently. I hadn't decided what bus to take even as I drove to office that morning. Later in the evening, I was sure that I'd have to go. Although I'd be traveling on a weekday, I did not want to risk traveling unreserved. I booked a ticket through the counter - my first ever reservation ticket to my own home town - Kodungallur. Yes! I was traveling by the only Bangalore-Kodungallur connection by Kerala RTC - the 1500 hrs Bangalore-Piravam Super Deluxe. May 13, 2014: I left office around 1300hrs. I somehow got a bus to Shivajinagar from there. I was at Shivajinagar by around 1345hrs - I was a bit worried as I stood at Shivajinagar - I had this feeling that I should've taken a bus to Majestic instead. Although one bus headed to KR Market was parked there, I wasn't sure when it would leave. I finally decided to hire an autorickshaw instea

Ernakulam to Bangalore by Kerala RTC Garuda Multi-Axle Inaugural Trip

This was perhaps the first time I embarked on a journey without a return ticket. I was a bit worried as I began my journey from Bangalore - somehow made myself calm looking at two late afternoon buses which had tickets, and assigned them as my backup option. The first thing I did not reaching my destination was to see if Kerala RTC had some surprises for me - on opening the online reservation portal ' Saarathy ', I did find a surprise - " 18.30 ERNAKULAM -BANGALORE (ACM562)". I quickly opened the chart and found plenty of seats available. I was a bit worried about booking through the phone - the network was very patchy. The booking was finally done through a broadband connection. The ticket output in PDF was saved on my phone, and I decided to try out the "m-ticket" option for the first time. May 11, 2014: I decided to leave home very early - it was a Sunday, and buses to Ernakulam are hard to find during evening hours on Holidays. I reached Kodungallur