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Kerala and tolls..

Kerala - the most literate state in India - has a particular dislike for tolls. By 'toll', I mean the user fee collected from road users for using a bridge or a road. The road infrastructure in Kerala is, perhaps, the worst among Indian states (atleast in South India). Kerala's roads are in poor condition for 360 days of a year - the roads get repaired a few days before the monsoon sets in, and the roads go back to square one within two days of rains. Ministers in-charge of Public works and Roads, irrespective of their political affiliation, always blame the poor condition of roads due to the special conditions in Kerala - as if it rains only in Kerala! We still have British era roads in pristine condition, while roads laid months ago are in tatters. Kerala's roads are the best place for an automobile manufacturer to test their vehicles' suspension setup - if it can handle our roads, it can even ride in the deserts! Coming back to the topic - "Kerala and to