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The exam hall!

Examinations! They are a necessary evil. An examination is an important tool for a teacher to identify if his classes were useful to his/her students. Examinations are hated the most during student life. A recent WhatsApp forward attributed examinations to a gentleman Mr Henry Mishel (Henry Fischel in some forwards) - which I am sure is wrong. Some websites claim that examinations originated sometime in the 7th century in China. We teachers love examinations (pun, obviously, intended). I find examinations the most stressful period in my profession - I've had sleepless nights wondering how my students would perform, and been more anxious (perhaps!) that my students when their results are declared. The moment I get that bundle of paper for valuation, I make it a point to pull out two papers from the stack - the best performer and the worst performer. This generally gives me an idea of how the paper had been. Another stressful job every teacher goes through is Invigilation - I

iFly 528 back to Bangalore: An Onam flight from Kochi

After finding a way to reach home for Onam, the hunt was on to find the way back. I generally avoid taking buses on peak days since they end up reaching late most of the times, plus my rescheduled office timings make it difficult to get to office on time as well. I had two choices - an afternoon bus on Onam day or any flight on Onam Day. I chose the latter since they were priced similarly anyways. Evening flights were quite expensive. Finally after a bit of searching around, I opted for an afternoon departure from Kochi, and booked my return on IndiGo 528. Monday was a happening day. A lot of things happened in Bangalore following a Supreme Court Verdict related to sharing of Cauvery water between Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Road transport came to a standstill - both the STUs and all the private operators pulled out services. Onam travel of a lot of people got cancelled. I thanked my fortune for having booked a flight, and not a bus. September 14, 2016: Leaving home is a very painfu

IndiGo 413: Bengaluru to Kochi

Bangalore - Kochi was once a happening sector - and I was once a regular passenger. Over the months, my frequency of travelling home reduced, and I flew less often. I did not have any plans for Onam until that innocent message popped up on WhatsApp - IndiGo is running a sale, and a travel portal is offering big discounts! I suddenly developed the desire to travel home for Onam. A quick look at the holiday calender - Onam was on a working day, but we had a restricted holiday for it. Decided to add up a couple of leaves with a holiday that Monday. I now had to find a flight! After a bit searching around, I found an affordable  flight departing on a Sunday morning, operated by IndiGo. Did not think a lot - went ahead and confirmed the booking. All this happened in mid August. A lot of things happened after that. A lot of forced holidays happened. Holidays were juggled around. Sunday ended up being a working day. I ended up having to reschedule my leaves to make this trip happen - but I

Trivandrum to Bangalore by Orange Travels Scania

Monday being a holiday in Bangalore meant that almost all options for traveling from Trivandrum to Bangalore on Monday evening were, either sold out, or were selling at exhorbitant rates. State buses were sold out as well. After a bit of searching around, I narrowed down to two options - the cheaper among the two had an early departure, which I wanted to avoid. I finally opted for Orange Travels. The seats available were towards the rear end of the bus - left with not many choices, I took a decision quickly and booked a window seat on the right side. September 05, 2016: It was quite a busy day - personal and official woherk intertwined with each other. It was almost 1800hrs by the time I got free. Had to hurry with getting ready for the return trip - I had to have my dinner as well, since my ticket screamed out " No Dinner Break ". My friends were waiting for me at the hotel lobby - we all headed out together for a quick dinner, and one of them dropped me at the pick-up p

Bangalore to Trivandrum by Orange Travels Scania

I had been planning to go to Trivandrum since quite some time now. I had some personal and some official work there. I had made a lot of plans earlier, but none went ahead. I ended up cancelling every plan. The official work came as a blessing, since it made me plan the trip seriously. I first booked my return journey - since that was on a Monday evening, and the Monday happened to be holiday in Bangalore and had rush like how its on a Sunday. Trains and flights were not an option - it had to a bus. Bus fares seemed to compete with airlines on that day, and I had to quickly make a decision. More than that in the next post. I was terribly confused on how to head to Trivandrum. I briefly romanced the idea of taking a sleeper bus - but all of them had only double berths. I romanced taking the state bus for sometime - then dumped the idea and booked on Orange Travels, by then Scania Metrolink HD coach - which was selling at Rs. 900! For the first time, I opted for the first row seat as