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Evacay Scania: Bangalore to Coimbatore

I generally stay away from family functions - but, for some reason decided to attend a cousin's marriage in Palakkad. The initial plan was to accompany my family the previous day, but certain circumstances forced me to rethink, since traveling with them would need me take a day off. I decided to travel later in the day, so that I can save a leave, and also travel by bus! I badly wanted to try the new sensation on the route - Evacay Travels! I did not put in a lot of thought before booking - Evacay was the most expensive among the lot - SRS, Conti, KPN, MSS all offered cheaper rates - but the decision was already made. This was the first journey of 2018, and it had to have something new - a new operator was the best choice, IMO. My ticket was booked through RedBus (for no particular reason) - and the mTicket popped up on WhatsApp in no time!

February 03, 2018:
I left my office after working half day, on an Uber cab towards Madiwala. Evacay, interestingly, starts its service from Ma…