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The August Trip: Travelogues...

The travelogues of my recent journey is now up ready for viewing.

Travelogues can be viewed here.

Photos are here.

Please have a look at them, and send in your comments on the same.

Meeting Alok...

Alok Patel from IRFCA Nagpur is an "ever elusive" being! Many IRFCAns are reported to have missed Alok by a few minutes! I decided not to take a chance, and reached Panvel well in advance. The yard had two twin Kalyan WDM2 hauled BCNA rakes, and one Container rake headed by an an unknown WAG7. One of those twin WDM2 hauled BCNA was headed to Saswad road, and had originated from a "Kribhco Siding/WR" and was routed via "BSR-KJT". The other BCNA was empty, and probably bound to KR.
Announcements were being made about Alok's train - 0103 Mumbai CST - Madgaon Mandovi Express. The train was to arrive shortly on Platform 2. The train made here appearance at around 0840. An "ugly duckling" working Long Hood Forward did the honours.

The loco was WDP4 #20040 of Krishnarajapuram. Alok was exactly at the middle of the rake - Coach 12 of the 23 coach rake. The rake had one new coach (07-BEML Make Sleeper coach), while most others were of late 90s and earl…

The August Trip: Final Update

The week long journey just concluded a few hours ago.

My journey from Thrisur to Panvel was on 2617 Ernakulam - Nizamuddin Mangala Lakshadweep Express.
The loco in charge was WDM2 #16885 of Ernakulam
My coach was WGACCN #01109 built by RCF in February 2001. (B1).

The train left Thrisur at 1215 (late by 10 minutes) on August 19, 2007 - and arrived Panvel at 1255, early by 4 minutes on August 20, 2007.

Images, trip reports, and some tidbits coming very stay tuned - right here...

The August Trip: Update 1

Finally, I have reached Bangalore...

The locos that worked my 1013 LTT-CBE Express were:
WCG2 20122 from LTT to PUNE;
WDM3A 17970 of KJM from PUNE to SBC;
WDM3A 14127 of Erode took over from SBC!

We left LTT on time at 2230, and reached SBC with a delay of 25 minutes - arrived at 2220 instead of 2155.

More coming as and when I get time...

The August Trip...

Another August, Another trip....These cycles seem to go unbroken every year!

The History of August trip can be traced back to 2005 - when a dream come true journey on Konkan Railway during monsoons was fulfilled. Since then, each august there comes a journey to Kerala. Each year, the route gets changed a bit.

In 2005, it was to Thrissur and back by Netravati Express (both ways). In 2006, it got a bit altered to Going to Changanassery (by 1081 Kanyakumari Express), and returning from Aluva by 6346 Netravati Express.

This year, the route gets a bit more changed. Here is my route plan...

Departing today by 1013 Coimbatore Express (Boarding from LTT at 2230 hrs). Arriving Bangalore tomorrow (August 14, 2007 - 2200 hrs). Proceeding to Thrissur by road on August 15, 2007. Returning from Thrissur on August 19, 2007 by 2617 Mangala Express. I will be back in Mumbai on August 20, 2007.

So guys, stay right here to get some updates as and when possible...

420mm: The latest offering from me...

I am proud to announce the opening of my new blog : 420mm.

This new blog is intended to publish selected photos from my collection and some other interesting images from my archives. The photos would have their "history" also included.

One inaugurating post is up at the blog, while more are on their way there.

You made this blog a success, and I request your kind co-operation there too...

So what are you waiting for, pay you visit right now...

The URL to the new blog is

So, waiting to see you there - I hope my wait wouldn't be in vain...

Another round of Railfanning

August 10, had another round of railfanning for me - this time at Thane! I had some work at the University of Mumbai campus at Kalina. I left my home at 1000, took an EMU to Kurla. I took a rickshaw from Kurla to the university, and another one back. I took an EMU from Kurla towards Thane at 1202. While crossing the DLS at Kurla, I saw a Golden Rock loco being tested by Pilots near the "Lobby".

I reached Thane at around 1225. A WCAM3 was pulling in with Godavari Express then. I had a "minor" purchase at Thane. While standing on Platform 1, an unknown WCG2 pulled in on Platform 5 with the CSTM-Nagercoil Express. I purchased a ticket to Panvel for Matsyagandha Express, and walked out straight to Platform 7. Just as I reached Platform 7, an unknown WCAM3 rushed through with the Pawan Express.

I found out an empty bench towards the CSTM end of the platform, and sat down reading a photography magazine, and the entire silence was broken by a horn - That was WCAM3 #21895 wo…

Delays galore @ Panvel

After tracking all the delayed runs yesterday, I felt it would be better to be there are Panvel to catch the delayed arrivals!

I reached Panvel at around 0920. Just as I neared Panvel, I saw a train pulling into the station. Initially, I thought that it was the Mangala, but later saw the "KR SWR" markings on the coaches. The train was Mandovi Express. The train was about an hour late. I decided to check out the loco at the Level Cross. The train pulled out at 0930, and the loco was Ernakulam WDM2 #18483!!! The train had 23 coaches, the loco is sure to suffer! Probably the assigned WDP4 failed, and they got this loco as a replacement (This loco should have returned with Matsyagandha today!).

I went to the station and got a platform ticket. I went straight to Platform 3, where Mangala Express (ernakulam bound) was expected. I was expecting an "off-link" since the scheduled loco had not yet reached Igatpuri (to be more clearer - the loco comes with the 2617 Mangala Expr…

Update on the Land Slide on KR...

Latest updates about the Land slide that occured at Tarcem (Canacona, Goa) at 1630 hrs on Tuesday - August 07, 2007.

Train services were restored in this section sometime today afternoon. This landslide has caused a cascading effect on the schedules of most trains. Here is the status of various trains, that I could gather:

2620 Mangalore-LTT Matsyagandha Express which departed from Mangalore on August 07, 2007: Terminated at Karwar. The train which was to depart today is cancelled.

2619 LTT-Mangalore Matsyagandha Express which departed LTT on August 07, 2007 was regulated at Ratnagiri till today morning. The train is now proceeding to Mangalore - Reached Thivim (about 22 hours & 25 minutes late). 2619 Matsyagandha which was to depart from LTT today was cancelled.

6345 TVC bound Netravati Express which departed on August 07, has reached Majorda (23 hours 41 minutes late). The train which left today, has crossed Chiplun (about 6 hours late).

6346 LTT bound Netravati Express, which depart…

Negligible traffic @ Panvel!

The monsoon fury was at its peak yesterday. While browsing the internet during the night, I stumbled across the news that many trains were "Regulated" on Konkan Railway. I tried to find out the reason, but in vain. I slept with this big question in mind. I jumped out of bed in the morning, and checked out for the reason. I reached this article. The article said the news, which fortunately, did not happen so long - Landslide on KR! Every year this "incident" occurs in Maharashtra, but it seems mother nature wanted a difference this time. She shifted the drama to Goa - Canacona to be precise!

Heavy landslides affected traffic on the entire route. Kerala bound Netravati and Mangala Expresses, along with Mangalore bound Matsyagandha Express were detained at different stations. The Mumbai bound trains were no different. Mumbai bound Matsyagandha was terminated half way through the journey!

I decided to get a taste of the information, and set out for Panvel station. I reac…

Evening blues at Panvel...

I was getting bored to the very roots sitting at home! I was almost continuously monitoring the progress of the Netravati Express coming from Trivandrum. The hell of the train was running late by One-and-a-half hour during the day! This fella is a regular late runner, and a minimum delay of an hour is normal for this lady!

A quick wave across my brain, and I set on my way to Panvel in the evening! I reached the station at around 1650. Platform 1 was almost deserted, while Platform 3 was packed to capacity! I walked over to the Roha end of Platform 1 and then crossed over to Platform 3 by walking across the track. The main line had WAG7 #27514 of Kanpur. A Kalyan WDG3A was standing light on the other line. A Container train with the loco on the Diva End was occupying Platform 2. The Kanpur Waggie got her starter just as I crossed her path - No images since the light was in a very bad angle!

The crowd on Platform 3 meant that I cannot take an image of the loco of KR3 pulling in! I had to …

Another day at Panvel

I was planning to spend some time capturing morning trains at Panvel since long. I got a chance today, and let out on my car to capture Mandovi Express at Somatne. The Railway track makes a beautiful curve and crosses the Pune highway near Somatne. I reached Panvel at around 0815. I first checked out the Khanda Colony LC Gate. Kalyan WDG3A #13066 rushed light towards Kalamboli just as I reached the gate. Some time later, an unknown WAG7 rushed past with a Container train, and almost immediately, a WCAG1 rushed towards Diva with a Container train. I called up the enquiry at Panvel station and found out the status of Mandovi Express. The train was about 15 minutes late.

I went towards Somatne. State Transport staff were striking today for an unknown reason. I parked my car near a Road Under bridge and walked towards the railway track. The track was higher than the road, and unfortunately the approach was very slippery, and I decided to abort my plan, and instead capture the train from th…