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Up the ghats, to Bangalore

With the heat in College subsiding, I was longing for a break - a few days away from the rush of daily routines. A trip to Bangalore was on the cards since long, and was getting postponed by a week every week. One fine Wednesday, I decide that I'd be heading to Bangalore that Friday. I booked the tickets on Thursday morning and apply for leave the day at college.. the leave was approved without any questions asked. Thursday had a sleepless night in store, and I was more anxious that excited about the journey. This was set to be longest journey in a normal KSRTC bus. I was woken up on Friday morning with the rather unpleasant tone of my mobile phone's alarm. I did try to catch up a few more winks before getting into my senses. Got off the bed, off to get ready for a very long day, which turned out to be longer than expected, ahead. Rushed through the morning chores, and arriving at the dining table to down a hot cup of tea. Breakfast was packed, and a few bananas were packed as

To Bangalore: On an eating spree...

Being a veggie is sinful in Kerala. After being brought up in places where there is no dearth of Vegetarian food, living in Kerala has been a painful experience till date. During my Mumbai/Bangalore days, eating out usually had long drawn menus, with a huge variety of eating options suiting all flavours from spicy to sweet to sour to bland. I am one person who loves experimenting with tastes (to a limited extent though) and love eating food enjoying its taste to the hilt. No wonder my mom says its difficult to satisfy me (I take it a complement). My tastes usually vary with time, and I often prefer eating spicy food. My food choices are unique as well - I love Bitter-gourd (I love eating when they are half cooked). Oh! Thats enough of talking about me... After moving to Kerala, eating out has dropped badly, and we rarely go out for dinner (I think, we've never gone out dedicatedly for eating out). The main reason being choice - the maximum choice a veggie would get in a hotel in