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Hindusthan Travels: Coimbatore to Bangalore.


University Exams... reversal of roles..

The very thought of University exams brings about a chill past my spine. Cold hands, a racy heart and tonnes of anxiety is what comes to my mind as I think of a University examination. The last time I wrote a University exam was for my post-graduation. That was a painful experience - I was writing a three hour examination after some 3 years, and my hands were thoroughly unprepared for the torture that I was putting it through.

More that a year later, I was standing in another University exam hall. But this time, the role was reversed - I was standing there as an Invigilator! I was sweating profusely, out of anxiety. I was scared of making a blunder, which might put the students' future into jeopardy. The format of the answer sheet itself was puzzling - it was not the simple unicolour answer sheets that I am used to. This one had lots of boxes and a lot of shading to be done - yes! The answer sheet requires the students to fill in their register number, subject code and some other…

Another trip on Kallada G4: Bangalore to Thrissur again!

Another trip on the drawing board – this was, as usual, an unexpected trip. This was an addition trip – earlier than by planned trip (Just like it happened in August). This time, I decided to book on Kallada G4 (co-incidentally, my first trip in August was also by Kallada G4). I contacted a known person in G4 – but got a cold response. He gave me another number to call – Kallada G4’s office in Kalasipalya. They quickly blocked a seat, and gave me a seat number. I had to pay only at my chosen boarding point (Madiwala). Given the cold response I got for the outward trip, I was seriously not interested in calling him again for my return journey. I decided to try out another operator this time for the return (details would come in a separate post).