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On NMMT's new Volvo

Prelude: This incident being narrated happened on August 07, 2009. I was on a very urgent - but satisfactory - visit to Mumbai. The day surprised me to the core, given the fact that I reached Mumbai just that morning, and was all set to return home at evening, after finishing truck loads of work. I just finished my work at Mumbai University around 1600, when this idea to try out NMMT's new Volvo struck me. I headed straight from Kalina to Santacruz in a supercrowded BEST bus. After reaching Santacruz station, I pushed myself into a WR Suburban Train, to Bandra. Heading out of the station, and finding where my bus would depart from was not easy. Unaware of the tiff between BEST and NMMT, I headed straight to the BEST bus station. A BEST Traffic Inspector posted at the bus station coerced me to use a non-AC BEST bus instead. Determined not to fall to his encouragement , I decided to check out with a couple of road-side vendors. The vendors said that the NMMT bus would be parked near

KSRTC's fleet number: Demystified

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is perhaps the only transport corporation in India to have a very unique system of fleet numbering. Not just fleet number, the corporation has its own RTO mark as well. All KSRTC buses are registered with the mark KL-15 - which is exclusive for KSRTC buses. In Tamil Nadu, the buses are registered at the district headquarters, with the series "TN-XX-N-nnnn". In Karnataka, its KA-xx-F-nnnn, its AP-xx-Z-nnnn in Andhra Pradesh, GA-yy-X-nnnn in Goa, and so on. Very little state corporations assign an internal number to their buses. Tamil Nadu's SETC has a numbering system, while Mumbai's BEST also has a system. However, the most unique is perhaps of Kerala SRTC. The image below shows a sample of KSRTC's numbering system: The number in the image above reads "RRC411". This number is divided into three parts as show below: RR C 411 In the breakup above, RR is a "series", "C" indica

Another let down by KSRTC...

KSRTC is often lauded for its reliable service - even during days of strikes and hartals. Today was one such day - but the corporation proved me wrong. A local political outfit declared a hartal in Kodungallur today - the reason was the death of their leader. The leader reportedly died at some protest, and outfit wants everyone to mourn the death of an unknown person. The incident happened on Saturday, and the mourning was scheduled for Monday. I was determined to not sit at home mourning someone's death who is irrelevant to the place. I started from home at 0615 today, much earlier than my normal 0650 timing. There is one bus from my place to my college at 0630. I was determined not to leave it. This bus being run by KSRTC - and this made me confident of its arrival. The clock ticked past 0635, and there was no sign of this bus appearing. Finally, I called off my wait at 0640 and got into a private bus that arrived. This bus was operated by one of the most established operators