Its here: A Hartal...

Its been over four months since I relocated to Kerala. However, Kerala's own Hartal has been eluding me till date (I did experience a Private bus strike in between). Finally, here it strikes. Kerala - more specifically, Thrissur District - is very famous for Hartals. People are ready to disrupt normal life for any trivial reason, often non-issues. Sadly, the common public - who appear lethargic - sympathise with these name-sake parties in organising such 'day offs'.

Today, Kodungallur Taluk - in Thrissur District - is celebrating a Hartal. The reason: The local president of BJP was "manhandled" by the Police. The police had reportedly arrested a goon masquerading as a political activist of the said party. The president was protesting the arrest. While this might be an issue of prestige for the political party in question, I fail to understand why this should affect public life? If the arrested person was indeed a goon, he deserves to be put behind the bars.

The state loses over 75 days per year in Hartals alone, not to mention more disruptions in the form of staff strikes, natural calamities, mournings, etc. No wonder private investors are scared to even consider Kerala as an avenue for investments. While protests for reasonable demands can be tolerated, strikes/hartals for non-issues is totally unacceptable. The fact that Hartals are never conducted on Sundays or normal Holidays is a proof that Hartals are just a way to not work on the said day.

I wonder when would Kerala escape from the clutches of these strike-happy politicians.... God save its own country...


Manish said…
Given that the hartal was called by the BJP - which does not have a significant political presence in Kerala - how effective was it?
Binai K Sankar said…
Can you please let me know who said BJP does not have any significant presence in Kerala? Given the fact that the post clearly mentions the Harthal was in Kodungallur Taluk, it should've been common sense that they have enough clout in the area. BTW, the Harthal was complete - shops and offices remained closed over the day, and bus services were non-existent.

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