Another day at Panvel

I was planning to spend some time capturing morning trains at Panvel since long. I got a chance today, and let out on my car to capture Mandovi Express at Somatne. The Railway track makes a beautiful curve and crosses the Pune highway near Somatne. I reached Panvel at around 0815. I first checked out the Khanda Colony LC Gate. Kalyan WDG3A #13066 rushed light towards Kalamboli just as I reached the gate. Some time later, an unknown WAG7 rushed past with a Container train, and almost immediately, a WCAG1 rushed towards Diva with a Container train. I called up the enquiry at Panvel station and found out the status of Mandovi Express. The train was about 15 minutes late.

I went towards Somatne. State Transport staff were striking today for an unknown reason. I parked my car near a Road Under bridge and walked towards the railway track. The track was higher than the road, and unfortunately the approach was very slippery, and I decided to abort my plan, and instead capture the train from the road itself! The train rushed past at 0905 with WDP4 #20040 in charge. I returned back to Panvel station after this spotting. AS I reached the station, announcements were being made about the arrival of Mangala Express bound to Ernakulam.

I received a message from Ranjeet that he spotted Matsyagandha express with an Ernakulam loco! This loco usually returns with Netravati Express. I decided to extend my stay at Panvel till the time Netravati Express goes! There was a pretty good freight traffic, atleast 10 rakes passes when I was there. (Read a report in a newspaper that CR is planning to load as many as 30 trains per day at JNPT - Panvel is gonna be a freight paradise!!!)

Mangala Express pulled in at 0954 with WDM2 #16674 of Ernakulam in charge. I had a small chat with the Loco Pilot, and he revealed that his duty is from Kalyan to Ratnagiri (it is well above the stipulated 6hrs duty!). The rake was cleared after about 10 minutes of halt. Just as the train pulled out, WDM2 #17492 of Kalyan pulled in with the Diva-Roha Passenger. The train stopped there for about 30 minutes, and by the time the train left she was late by an hour!

I went out of the station, and took rest for some time inside my car. I returned to the platform at 1200. It was announced that Kerala Sampark Kranti would arrive on Platform 1, but later they changed their mind and decided to take the train on Platform 3! The train showed up at 1229, with WDM2 #18483 of Ernakulam. Nizamuddin bound Mangala Express was running late by 45 minutes today! Just as Samprak Kranti was preparing for departure, WDM2 #17991 of Pune pulled in with KR4 Ratnagiri-Dadar Passenger. The link seems to have been "downgraded" to WDM2 now instead of WDM3A!

I was getting too tired, and my entire body was aching. I decided to capture the Netravati Express from the FOB itself. Netravati showed up at 1318 with Ernakulam WDM3A #14052 in charge! I decided to call it a day, and rushed out of the station. Took my car and came back home, had lunch and a very good sleep, before sitting to type this!

The images of the day are here. There are 16 images in all. Thanks for your patient reading...