A very special Sunday...Part 2

[Continued from Part 1 posted yesterday]

The station got alerted that the train left Kherwadi. We slowly moved out towards the railway line. Pradeep was busy bidding his final byes to the station staff, while Abhishek was already at the platform. The station has a "rail level" platform. The loco was visible at a distance, and she was a WAM4. The train came closer, and slowly pulled into the loop line. I was standing on the main line, and decided to board the train from the traffic side itself. The loco was WAM4 #21331 of Bhusawal...

The train stopped. The coaches were heavily packed, and myself and Pradeep were trying to find a coach into which we could atleast jump in! We managed to get into the 4th coach from the loco. The doorways were crowded with people and luggage! The train pulled out at around 1410. We got a place to stand between the toilets! (The space which normally connects to the vestibule!). Our coach was an SLR. We stood in that awkward place till we reached Nasik. We weren't sure in which coach Abhishek was!

We reached Nasik at around 1430. The Gorakhpur bound Godaan Express was on Platform 2, while we were on Platform 3. We shifted to about two coaches behind our earlier one. The train emptied a bit at Nasik. Our new coach was WGSCZ 04609 in DQ livery. We left Nasik about 5 minutes later. We crossed the Pawan Express somewhere near Devlali. The loco was an Itarsi WAM4. The run from Nasik to Igatpuri was mind blowing! The train almost constantly did 100kmph on most sections! We arrived Ghoti at around 1510. Pradeep bursted out laughing when he saw the timetable! We were 55 minutes late at Odha, and now 10 minutes early at Ghoti! The run was absolutely fantastic!

We left Ghoti on time. As we approached Igatpuri, I spotted a light WAM4 of Itarsi waiting to take charge of Kamayani Express. We stopped on Platform 3, at around 1530 (early by 10 minutes). We found that Abhishek was in the coach just ahead of us! I went around to have a look at the loco change, while Pradeep and Abhishek were busy refreshing themselves! Our WAM4 was just being uncoupled. An RPF officer came and stood near the loco. There was a sort of cabin near the loco, and I went behind the cabin. WDP4 #20027 was parked on a siding near the cabin. I took a photo, and then checked our loco. The RPF fella by then went towards the rear of the train.

Howrah bound Gitanjali Express by now arrived on Platform 2. Our WAM4 went out, and a WCAM3 was seen approaching us. The loco was WCAM3 #21894. The loco attached, and the crew changed the cabin. I went back towards our coach, and had some refreshment. Our train was cleared at around 1552, now late by around 7 minutes. Gitanjali's bankers were still waiting to go to their trip shed. The bankers were triple WAG5s of Kalyan. Our train was put on the MID line. Just as the ghat began, I saw the Mangala Express going towards Igatpuri. (The loco was not visible).

Our descent was slow but steady. The coach ahead of ours were smoking heavily as the brake shoes got jammed! We reached Kasara at around 1620. A Twin WCAM3 hauled Container rake (A Dead WAG5 was also present) was waiting to proceed towards IGP. There were atleast 3 sets of bankers roaming around at the station! We stopped at Umbermalli, and here we crossed the Manmad bound Godavari. We crossed the Nagpur bound Sewagram express at Khardi. We crossed the weekly Mumbai-Howrah Express at Thansit. We pulled into Khadavli at 1730 on Platform 4. According to the timetable, the train departs at 1740 but in reality the train departs only at 1825!

A Mumbai CST bound EMU overtook us! The train was packed heavily, and I decided to leave the EMU. A container train hauled by Kalyan WDG3A #13308 (carrying a dead WAG7) also overtook us here. The Kanpur bound Udyog Nagari Express crossed us here. The Nagpur bound Nandigram Express also crossed us here. The train had a Pune WDM3A in charge, and had a shining "CR" rake. The Mumbai bound Pushpak Express overtook us with WDP4 #20027 in charge, and we were then cleared at 1830. The run was rather slow till Kalyan. We were detained at Kalyan Outer for some time. We pulled into Kalyan at 1855 on Platform 6. I took a bus from Kalyan to Vashi, while Abhishek and Pradeep were waiting at the station for an EMU.

While my bus was running over a ROB right near Kalyan Goods Yard, I saw a WCAM3 hauled train running towards Mumbai. I reached Vashi at around 2000, and then drove home...

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