To Panvel after long...

It has been a very long time since I went to Panvel station. My last journey was way back on July 07, when I had arrived there from Kerala. I was waiting for an opportunity for pretty long time now! The opportunity came in the form of Abhijit Lokre of IRFCA, Ahmedabad! He had come down to meet his parents who reside at Panvel.

We decided to meet at Panvel. I reached the station at around 1815. I missed the Roha-Diva Passenger somewhere, and couldn't see that train! We walked around the station, and chatted for some time. The freight traffic was on the higher side. One North bound container train left soon after I arrived. Twin Kalyan WDM2s (lead by #18336) went out of the station to reverse and take charge of a JNPT bound Container train!

While we were waiting at the station, WCAG1 #21974 pulled in from JNPT with a container train (Seen in the image above). The rake stopped on Platform 2. Mean while, WDG3A #13066 of Kalyan pulled in with a BTPN rake from ROHA side. The loco reversed and took charge of the train to proceed towards JNPT. We walked a few metres down to the level cross and were busy discussing about railways when a WAG7 of Ludhiana pulled into Panvel station with a container train.

The Madgaon-Mumbai Mandovi Express pulled in at around 2000 with WDP4 #20031 in charge. The loco was re-fueled and left towards Mumbai at around 2015. Abhijit was taking the Veravel express to Ahmedabad today in the night, and we parted at around 2005 (just after Mandovi arrived). I decided to wait till the KR6 passenger comes in. KR6 came at around 2035 with WDM2 #18558 of Erode in charge.

I left Panvel station at around 2040, and reached home by 2100. That is all for the day...

Unfortunately, since there was too little light, there are no images! Just the one that is put up above is what I have...


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